Digital Learning

In today’s digital age, technology has become an integral part of our lives. It has revolutionised the way we communicate, learn, and work. Therefore, it is imperative for educational institutions to keep up with the changing times and provide students with the necessary tools to succeed in this technologically advanced world.

In the classroom, students will use their laptops for a multitude of purposes. Laptops serve as a valuable tool for research and information gathering. With access to the internet, students can explore various sources and expand their knowledge on any given topic. Additionally, laptops enable students to create and edit documents, presentations, and spreadsheets effortlessly. The integration of laptops in the classroom fosters a dynamic learning environment that prepares students for the digital age ahead.

Students are to bring their laptops to each class and will have access to platforms including Google suite, electronic textbooks, Education perfect and from 2024 classes will utilise the Vivi platform. Vivi is an interactive platform that allows for students to work collaboratively on tasks, project wirelessly to the class projector and take annotated class notes on their devices.

Students are to bring their laptops to each class.

Laptop Options

Fairhills offers students the option to purchase a laptop direct through the school’s provider – Learning with Technologies (LWT) or a BYOD device.


Laptop purchases are a direct arrangement between you (the Parents/Carers), and our laptop supplier – Learning with Technologies (LWT) via the LWT order portal:


If you wish to source and supply your own device (BYOD) please purchase a Windows based laptop with the requirements stated below.

Please DO NOT purchase: Chromebooks, iPads and Android as these devices are not compatible with our network and/or learning requirements.

Make sure there is no Linux software on the laptop as this is not compatible with the school’s network.

You will also need to put an anti-virus/malware program on your device.

Windows Laptop Requirement

ProcessorMinimum: Intel i3 (or equivalent)
Recommended: i5 or i7 (or equivalent)
WiFiCompatibility with 802.11 g/n/ac
Battery LifeMinimum: 4 hours
Recommended: 8 hours
MemoryMinimum: 4GB Ram
Recommended: 8GB Ram
Hard DriveSolid State Drive (SSD)
Physical Characteristics10.5-inch screen (minimum size)
Warranty3 years recommended on both battery and device
Operating SystemWindows 10

Technical Support

Fairhills/LWT DeviceBYOD
Onsite SupportSchool wireless Connection
Initial imaging of deviceLink to download Office 365 and Google Apps
Reimaging of device (as req)Access to school printers
Onsite repairs 
Access to school printers 
Online platform support 

Digital Technologies Policy

Please read the policy.


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