The study of Humanities encourages and challenges students to consider their place within the world helping them to develop a greater understanding of its complexity and their role in the future. Fairhills High School recognizes the importance of developing our students’ ability to be active global citizens

Humanities students’ become critical and insightful thinkers, more confident communicators and more active citizens. The study of Humanities fosters an appreciation of past and present cultures, and the ways that people interact with their environments. Our learning area teaches our students a range of valuable 21st Century skills including questioning, research, analysis, evaluation, communication, collaboration and ethical thinking.  These skills enable our students to examine the various processes and systems that have shaped the modern world and investigate responses to those challenges.

Study in the Humanities equips students’ with essential knowledge and skills, which enables them to better understand and engage with the complexities of the world in which they live.

All students in Years 7, 8 and 9, undertake the subjects of History and Geography, along with Ethical Capabilities and Civics and Citizenship knowledge.  The students gain skills and knowledge to prepare them for their place in society and future studies.

Students have the opportunity to study in the areas of History (The World at War, Communism V Capitalism), Geography (World Destruction, Forest, Parks and Beaches) and Commerce (Money Matters). These subjects enhance their understanding of their place in the world, their fragile planet and importantly, financial literacy.

Humanities at VCE level offers Business Management, 20th Century, Australian and Revolutions Histories, Geography and Legal Studies. Besides being very interesting, the study of these subjects lead to many university courses and career pathways.

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