In Year 7 and 8 we focus on an unique and innovative program that develops students’ 21st century skills.

Will grow, flourish and be successful – The THRIVE program

To support our students to achieve their full potential we have created the THRIVE program.

 The definition of THRIVE is to:

  • Grow vigorously – flourish
  • To gain in wealth or possession – prosper
  • To progress toward or realise a goal despite or because of circumstances

The THRIVE acronym is the beginning letter of a disposition that students need to develop for ongoing success in their teen and adult life. 

Teenagers who THRIVE are:


Happiness is a state of mind or mood; therefore, nobody is happy all the time. However, teenagers are generally happier when satisfied with their lives and create positive relationships with peers, teachers and of course parents/carers.


Successful people are resilient and have grit.  The word grit can be defined as ‘passion and perseverance for long-term meaningful goals.’  When failure occurs (and it often does), people who are resilient have the ability to bounce back (they see failure as a learning experience) and continue to stick it out until the important goal is reached.


The teenage years are a time of search and discovery.  Teenagers are particularly curious about their surroundings, opportunities in the world and their place within it. Through the THRIVE program we will support students to develop positive curiosity so they can better navigate their way through life. Curiosity did not always kill the cat!


To be valiant (brave/courageous) there must be fear. When people are valiant they push through fear, self-doubt, anxiety, and do the things that feel hard, risky or frightening.  Fear and mistakes occur regularly; to develop, students need to embrace them, not avoid them.  We want our students to be valiant, not perfect.


There is an old saying that still rings true today, “Give a person a fish and you will feed them for a day. Teach them how to fish and you feed them for life.” If teens are empowered they will develop self-confidence, enrich their participation in the classroom, school and the greater community. Students will leave Fairhills High school highly empowered with the ability to catch as many fish as they want!

Year 7 and 8 THRIVE core activities

  • Decision making
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Goal setting
  • Growth mindset
  • Mindfulness
  • Metacognition – thinking about thinking
  • Organisational skills
  • Positive relationships
  • Problem solving
  • Study skills

The Year 9 – Connect program builds on the 21st Century skills developed in the Year 7 and 8 Thrive program. Students collaborate in teams to evolve connect projects centred around community and societal issues with a heavy emphasis on hands-on learning and outdoor education camp experiences.  

Semester one focuses on students better understanding themselves and others.  Students develop their problem-solving skills by undertaking a range of self-directed projects that explore their school community.  Students learn how to be creative, innovative thinkers who develop their skills in a safe and orderly learning environment through authentic, hands-on and interactive experiences.  

Semester 2 focuses on students learning more about the world around them while at the same time continuing to develop their problem-solving skills by undertaking an inquiry-based approach to learning with an emphasis on science and humanities.  Students will be involved in a range of unique experiences; develop greater self-awareness and undertake service within the local community.  

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