Instrumental Music Program

Music at Fairhills High School is an integral part of the curriculum. Music is a compulsory subject within the curriculum. At Year 7 and 8 students learn to read music and develop their skills on various instruments such as the keyboard & guitar. At Year 9 Music becomes an elective for interested students to pursue. In VCE Music Performance students develop their technical skill on their chosen instrument and perform in solo and group contexts.

Students also have the opportunity of learning a wide variety of instruments through their participation in the Instrumental Music Program. Students at the school are offered the choice of learning flute, clarinet, saxophone, violin, percussion/drum kit, guitar (acoustic, electric or bass), piano and voice up to VCE level.

Students participating in this low cost program become involved in one of the various bands, choirs or ensembles appropriate to their level of ability which aims to further develop their technical and reading skills by the attendance of regular rehearsals. Opportunities are given to students to perform at various concerts throughout the year as well as becoming involved in regional events.

Lessons are given in small groups by professional instrumental teachers and as student’s progress, lessons tend to become individual. For lower levels they are given on a rotating basis during half a period each week, but for VCE students lessons are given during the student’s free periods where possible.

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