Being part of an alumni community can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience and we value the connection with former students (alumni) and encourage alumni to stay in touch with the school.

There are many meaningful ways alumni can support current students and their old school, some of these are:

  • advise, help and inspire current students at Fairhills High School
  • network with other past students working or studying in areas relevant to you
  • stay connected to the people you studied and socialised with.

Our alumni program focuses on the following goals:

  • establishing and growing our alumni database
  • inviting alumni back to school to provide career or study advice to students.
  • inviting alumni to offer work experience placements for students.
  • helping alumni establish and/or contribute to student scholarships and philanthropic projects/programs.
  • Being a donor – initiating or contributing to a fundraising campaign.

The benefits for alumni remaining connected include:

  • Supporting spiritual wellbeing due to belonging to a caring and cohesive community for life.
  • Assisting school leavers with the transition from Yr.12 to the next phase of life.
  • Enabling alumni to meet a wider range of alumni which is helpful for career networking.
  • Giving alumni a sense of purpose when they choose to ‘give back’ to their old school.
  • Potentially gaining employment.

To join our alumni community and to get involved, please email us with your preferred contact details and a brief bio to

Alumni can also stay in touch through the school’s official Facebook page FairhillsHighSchoolAlumni, and alumni (who list Fairhills High School on their profile) can join the LinkedIn group for FairhillsAlumLinkedInGroup professional networking to assist with career opportunities.


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