Our Approach to Learning

At Fairhills High School, we create an atmosphere of learning growth for all students. Our focus is to provide differentiated instruction and resources to meet the needs of all learners in the classroom.

We recognise that learning occurs at different rates and levels, and we strive to challenge each student at their point of need.

We provide flexible learning opportunities for all students, based on their interests, needs, and competencies.

We believe students should be able to access deeper learning opportunities that are linked to their individual learning styles.

Our teachers use various instructional strategies to meet the needs of each student and provide differentiated assessment and feedback to measure learning.

Ultimately our students are provided with the opportunity to thrive and grow in a caring and nurturing environment.

LEARN Instructional Model

Fairhills High School’s LEARN Instructional Model details the expected and agreed educational practices the school adheres to. Its purpose is to provide excellence in teacher practice that leads to student growth and improved outcomes. The LEARN model outlines the importance of building a shared partnership between the teacher and student and how we collaborate to achieve all students’ learning goals.

The LEARN model comprises two sections. Our student model represents how each child is at the centre of teaching and learning.

The 5 phases of learning create a cycle, beginning at:

  1. Lean in and working through

  2. Explicit Instruction

  3. Assist

  4. Refine

  5. Next Steps

Students work through the phases, increasing their independence and responsibility for their learning. Students use the essential learning statements to monitor their progress through the cycle.

The teacher model illustrates the planning, preparation, and classroom support needed to design optimal learning opportunities for our students.

We value the importance of student voice and agency in our classrooms. Our LEARN model, in collaboration with our student curriculum committee, creates a positive learning climate that allows students to “own” their learning and development.

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