The language offered at Fairhills is

Japanese (Year 7-12)

Students also have the opportunity to study an additional language through Virtual School (distance education)

Year 7-9

Students learn hiragana and katakana scripts and some basic kanji. They learn how to introduce themselves, basic greetings, and how to talk about family and their hometowns. They investigate what school is like in Japan, and how school life differs between Japan and Australia. Students also learn how to talk about their daily routines, and about Japanese food and restaurant customs. They also learn about hobbies and sports, how to describe others, and what they wear.

Year 10-12

Students learn to talk about past events, their nationality, and birth place, healthy food options, and shopping expressions in Japanese. They learn how to make arrangements with friends and how to understand directions. They extend their ability to describe locations, and talk about travel arrangements. They also learn how to discuss part time jobs, future plans, and cultural differences and similarities between Japanese and Australian life. In VCE Japanese, students extend their ability to introduce themselves, and talk about their favourite pastimes. They extend their ability to talk about their family, and what they like to do. The topic of school life is studied in more depth, particularly school rules and how they differ between Japan and Australia. Students also learn how to talk about a balanced and healthy lifestyle. They investigate things to do on a trip to Japan, and the influence of technology in Japanese people’s lifestyles. They compare traditional and cultural events in Japan and Australia, and discuss the influence of Japanese language and culture on their own lives. They investigate environmental issues in Japan, and the changes of modern lifestyles on family life. All along the way they extend their kanji knowledge.

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Japan Study Trip ( a 2 week trip to Japan visiting significant cultural spots, visiting schools and participating in school life, and homestay with a Japanese family)
  • KSKK visit – hosting Japanese students. Families have the opportunity to host a Japanese student, and learn more firsthand about Japanese life and language
  • Fairhills High School has a sister school with Eisugakkan in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima. Students at Fairhills High School have the opportunity to host a student from our sister school for an extended period of time. They can also attend Eisugakkan as an exchange student for an extended period of time.
  • Every second year we host a group of science specialist students for the Okinawa Board of Education. Families have the opportunity to host one of these students. Not only students studying Japanese, but students with an interest in science have an opportunity to host.
  • Fairhills High School has always warmly welcomed earthquake survivors from the Tohoku region. This has been another opportunity to host a Japanese student.
  • We have a Japanese assistant working in classes to provide authentic experiences, and to practise conversation in Japanese on a one on one basis with individual VCE students.
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