English Focus

At Fairhills we appreciate that sound literacy skills underpin the way we learn, relate to others and even to how we think. We are particularly mindful of the need for the development of skills in critical literacy in the world of social media inhabited by our students.

Our Priorities

To engage our students and encourage an enjoyment of literature.

To improve foundation skills in students’ literacy to equip them for lie.

To develop skills in reading critically and in understanding how language can be used to frame thought and to affect others.


  • Bridge Program – an extra literacy support class for eligible students in Year 7-9. Class numbers are limited to ensure each student receives individual guidance
  • Independent Reading Program – all Year 7 and 8 classes experience time dedicated to developing reading skills and fostering an enjoyment of reading for pleasure
  • Use of the Essential Assessment program for personalised literacy assessment and skill development
  • EAL support for speakers of English as an Additional Language
  • The study of the subject of VCE Literature
  • Access to lectures provided by the Victorian Association of Teachers of English for our Year 12 students
  • VCE Subjects are English, English Literature and English as an Additional Language (EAL)
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