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Term 2 seems to be passing by in a flash! In the last couple of weeks we have welcomed two new counselling interns to the Wellbeing team- Anita and Callum. They will be with us until the end of Term 4 on their counselling placements. They are both super approachable and skilled and we are really excited to have them with us. We have had our first two whole school campaigns – IDAHOBIT and National Sorry Day- check out some photos below.


Our first whole school awareness/education campaign for the year was IDAHOBIT on Thursday 18 May. IDAHOBIT (International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia, and Transphobia) is about promoting inclusive, safe and respectful attitudes and environments for people of all sexualities and genders. Fairhills prides itself on being a safe place for all students. This year we celebrated the event with crazy socks and hair day, photo booth, and free stickers.

National Sorry Day & Reconciliation Week

May 26th was National Sorry Day. Mariani, our Mental Health Practitioner has been liaising with our Koori Education Support Officer to design and install a permanent historical timeline panel of the Stolen Generations and the National Story Day. This panel will be showcased at the Library Courtyard and is expected to launch on Thursday, 1 June during the Reconciliation Week.

All schools are now mandated to have a Marrung Lead- which is the nominated voice and advocate for indigenous students, families and issues within the school community. As part of my role as Student Wellbeing Coordinator, I am also our nominated Marrung Lead and I welcome any of our Koori families to make contact with me if there is anything the school can do to further support the learning needs of your young person.

Bridge Builders Retreat

Again this year we are lucky to be able to nominate 5 students, who are female or identify as female, aged 13-15 years to attend the Bridge Builders Retreat, run by external community group, Bridge Builders. The camp provides a safe, nurturing and empowering experience for young women to connect, explore positive identity and feel supported. We will be hosting an information session on Tuesday 6 June at lunchtime for any interested students. If you or your daughter are interested in being nominated for the Retreat, please speak to your Year Level Team Leader for more information.

Please see information below for accessing wellbeing support and check out some local and online supports for families and young.

Peta Cartwright | Student Wellbeing Coordinator

The Team

Student Wellbeing Coordinator – Peta Cartwright/ Social Worker (3 days per week – Mon (Wk2), Tues Thurs, Fri)

School Chaplain – Gail Ackroyd/ Counsellor (2 days per week – Mon/Tues)

Mental Health Practitioner- Mariani Lim (2 days per week- Thurs/Fri (Wk1), Tues/Fri (Wk 2))

Counsellor -Kerrie (1 day per week- Mon)

Counsellor- Eliza (1 day per week- Thurs)

Counselling Intern – Sarah (2 days per week – Tues, Fri)

Counselling Interns- Callum (2 days per week- Tues, Fri) and Anita (2 days per week- Tues, Thurs)

Local and Online Services and Supports for Families and Young People

Accessing support through Wellbeing: Students

The Wellbeing Team can support students to navigate challenges that may be impacting on their ability to engage in learning or general feelings of wellbeing. This can include: transitions and adjusting to change, family or relationship difficulties, grief and loss, mental health concerns, drug and alcohol concerns, and many other challenges that young people encounter.

An initial appointment with a member of the wellbeing team will be an assessment of need with the student or family which will help to decide the best support option for the student. Support options available through the Wellbeing Team are:

  • Individual short term counselling, psychoeducation and skills development
  • group programs
  • referrals to external support agencies.
  • students may also be encouraged to access self-help strategies or resources.

Referrals to see someone from the team are made through year level leaders. Parents, students or teachers with concerns are encouraged to speak to their year level leader. Students or parents can also make an appointment directly with someone from the Wellbeing Team by attending the Wellbeing Centre, calling the school office or contacting us via email at wellbeing@fairhillshs.vic.edu.au

Year level leaders who are made aware of concerns by a teacher will always endeavour to make contact with parents before referring a student to the Wellbeing team.

All counselling sessions with students are confidential and information is only shared if a student is deemed to be at risk of harm.

If you or anyone you know needs immediate support, please contact kidshelpline or lifeline on the numbers at the bottom of this page.

What’s on in Wellbeing?

The Wellbeing Centre is open at recess and lunchtime for students who need a quiet, safe place to regulate or access support. The centre is also used for lunchtime group programs which are advertised through compass or on notice boards.

Q-Squad, our LBGTQIA+ group runs every Thursday lunchtime.

More groups to come!

Accessing Support: Families

Most families, at some stage, need a little extra support to manage the normal challenges of life as well as the more difficult situations that arise. If you are experiencing hardship, stress or circumstances that are impacting on the wellbeing of your family life or your ability to cope, the Wellbeing Team can help to connect you with community services that can provide support. Please contact the Wellbeing Team via the school phone number or via email at wellbeing@fairhillshs.vic.edu.au

Breakfast Club

With the support of volunteers from local churches- Knox Baptist and Hillsong Church we are able to provide a breakfast club 5 days a week for our students, including a Pancake Breakfast every Thursday morning. All students are welcome.

Breakfast Club before school – Wednesday and Friday before School in A03

Breakfast Club Recess – Monday and Tuesday at Recess in A03

Breakfast Club Pancakes – Thursdays before school in A03

Tasty Truck Sandwiches – Everyday in the canteen courtyard at recess.

Food Support for families in need

Each fortnight on a Tuesday after school from 2:48pm – 3:08pm we have food support available for families who may be in need, for whatever reason. We have a selection of frozen meals and pantry items that families can collect from the former school canteen area without question or judgement. We know that access to food can be a real challenge for some families and we feel strongly about supporting the basic needs of our students and families. Watch out for compass posts each fortnight.

External Food Support Options




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