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Asylum-Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) food drive – Term 2

During Term 2 (24 April – 23 June) will we once again be running our annual food drive for the Asylum-Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) – ASRC Foodbank

The ASRC is a charitable organisation which provides food, language education, legal and other advocacy services for those who are seeking asylum in Australia, most of whom are not entitled to government assistance.

While the ASRC appreciates any (non-perishable food, laundry, toiletry) item that you can spare, a list of most-needed items appears at the bottom of this post.
Labelled collection boxes will be kept in the foyer of the main office, and donors are asked to attach a house colour sticker (which will be kept next to the boxes) to the item(s) as it is/they are donated.

Houses score a point for each item donated which will go towards overall house points and rewards (e.g. the end-of-term BBQ) for members of the ‘winning’ house.

Most-needed items:
☑️Tuna in oil 400g
☑️Olive oil (750mL – 1L)
☑️Raw unsalted nuts almonds, walnuts, cashews
☑️Honey small bottles
☑️Dried fruit apricots, dates
☑️Spices small packs cumin, turmeric, chilli, garam masala, curry powder
☑️Tomato paste
☑️Toothbrushes and toothpaste
☑️Laundry power max 1kg

A big thank you to those members of our community who donated items this week.

Thank you to everyone who donated to the food drive in Week 5.

It was another strong week for Red House (23 items), and Blue House (8 items) and Green House (7 items) also made contributions. Unfortunatey there were no items donated by Yellow House this week. Come on Yellow House; you’re being left behind.

The running totals at the end of Week #5 are as follows:Red House: 170 items
Blue House: 64 items
Green House 55 items
Yellow House: 23 itemsThis is a total of 312 items so far. Remember that our target is 650 items for the term. We are almost halfway there with a little less than half of the term to go.

Thanks again to all those who contributed to the food drive this week.

SWPB (House Points) Shop is open to everyone this week.

The SWPB Shop or House Points Shop is open Tuesday mornings only with a possible lunchtime or after school time depending on requests.

The location for the ‘shop’ is M08 and will be in the morning (before school) from 8am.
Mrs O’Connor will be in the shop to hand out items and once you have used points to get something, a new tally will appear on Compass showing how many points you have used in the shop.

We have a new item available – A Laptop/other Animal Sticker in assorted designs, as well as an updated ‘price’ list attached. We are still reviewing this so some items have been discounted after reviewing the first week of ‘sale.’
See the attachment for more details.

Once students start to ‘buy’ items with their points some items will become unavailable. This will be shown in the Middle School Hallway with posters and pictures updated weekly to show what is still available and when new items become available.

Remember that this is just the Term 2 items available so far. New items will become available for Term 3 and then again for Term 4 so it is also a good idea to save your points and wait to see what comes later that you might like more.

Don’t forget raffle tickets are available for Big Ticket Items and this will be updated with some items raffled at the end of Term and other items still to come for the end of the year.

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