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Positive Behaviours Recognition

As part of our ongoing efforts to acknowledge the positive learning behaviours of our students, Mr Van Schie initiated the awarding of Motor Neurone Disease (MND) beanies to the student at each year level who had received the most positive posts on Compass from staff. Parents and students will have noticed green posts highlighting their positive behaviours appearing regularly on their individual Compass page and hopefully students will continue to strive to make positive contributions to their classroom learning. This is part of our broader development of the School Wide Positive Behaviours program that the school community will continue to hear more about. Congratulations go to Olivia R (Year 10), Nikita R  (Year 11) and Michaela L (Year 12) who received their beanie this week.


VCE Subject Selection Process for 2023

Thank you to those students and families that attended the VCE Information evening last Thursday evening. Ms Rundle was able to provide an overview of the VCE and the changes being made for 2023 (see Year 10 and 11 Students – Pathways and Subject Selection Expo below). We have collected the student preferences for subjects and are in the process of developing the best blocking system that provides most students to get their choices. Please note there is no perfect blocking system that allows all students to get every subject they want. The variety of combinations of subjects just does not allow this to happen. We will holding individual student/parent interviews on the 11 August (2022 Year 11) and 12 August (2022 Year 10), to discuss their subject selections and how they fit into the VCE blocking for next year.

Paul Donaldson
Assistant Principal and Senior School Leader

Year 10 Careers Expo and Swinburne University Campus Tour

On Friday the 14 July, Year 10 students kicked off Pathways Planning Week by attending the Melbourne Careers Expo at the Convention Centre.

With over 150 exhibitors from Industry and training providers, seminars and stage presentations, this event provided students with not only information but inspiration. Given 2 hours to tour the event students had the opportunity to talk to the key stakeholders and learn about relevant training and pathways.

In the afternoon the students had the opportunity to hear a presentation from Swinburne University/TAFE. Walking around the Hawthorn Campus of Swinburne was a real eye opener for students, highlighting the size and offerings provided by such an institution.

The day provided amazing opportunities to start a conversation and spark ideas for future planning.


Year 10 and 11 Students – Pathways and Subject Selection Expo

On Thursday 21 July, students and parents were invited to the 2023 Pathways and Subject selection evening. Students and parents were provided with information about the new senior school certificates and given the opportunity to speak to teachers.

Families who were unable to attend can access the presentation on Compass under school documentation – Subject Selection.

Students have now made their preliminary program and subject selections and this information will be used to build the timetable for 2023.

Students and families will be invited to confirm programs and subjects on the 11/12 August in an interview with the Senior School Team.

Families will be provided instructions later this week on how to lock in an interview time.


Year 12 Students – Term 3 is time to lock in some plans for 2023

All Year 12 students will have a Face to Face Pathways Interview in Term 3 to assist them in planning and organising their next step as they transition into the community.

Every destination requires preparation and students to be proactive and the role of Careers and Pathways is to do exactly that. Every option; University and TAFE, Apprenticeships / Traineeships, full time employment and travel needs to planned and prepared for.

Open days – are a critical step in Year 12 planning. Open Days are also extremely important for Years 10 and 11. Attending Open Days before Year 12 can help to establish focus and inspire excellence.

A full timetable of all the Open Days has been posted to Compass. Please try to make these a priority. Plan your trip by checking when the course/faculty you are interested in is presenting.

VTAC Important Dates and details

VTAC – the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre – is the central body that takes applications on behalf of a number of universities, TAFE’s and private colleges
primarily in Victoria. Below is a summary of important dates.  For a complete list of dates, fees and information please go to the VTAC website – 

Year 12 Psychology

Last week, Year 12 Psychology students had an exciting session at KIOSC Sleep Lab with a sleep scientist from Monash Hospital. This session was aimed to help students understand how sleep data can be gathered and interpreted.

Thanks to Caitlyn who volunteered to be a participant and have her brain and muscle activity recorded while she was sleeping. The scientist attached sensors to her to record electrical activity in her brain, the muscles around her eyes and face as well as her pulse and blood oxygen levels. Caitlyn was put in a quiet room to try to fall asleep. She was great and did manage to fall asleep. During this time the data was relayed to a computer and displayed on a large screen. We could see the waves produced on the screen change as she moved into a different state of consciousness. As this was occurring the scientist explained what these recordings showed.

The session was enjoyed by all students.


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