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VCAL, the VCE and Pathways

Yesterday Ms Rundle and I had the opportunity to attend a conference (in person not via webex or zoom!) to hear a variety of speakers from around the State discuss ideas related to VCAL (the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning) and VET (Vocational Education and Training) programs. It was an important opportunity to hear great ideas that have been incorporated into these key senior secondary school programs. This will be especially valuable as all schools need to make changes to their VCAL structure for 2023 as the VCAA make some key adjustments to senior education options.

From next year, Fairhills will introduce the new Vocational Major within the VCE. This is a two-year vocational and applied learning program that will replace Senior and Intermediate VCAL. It will offer a program that enables successful transitions into apprenticeships, traineeships, further education and training, or directly into employment. More details will be provided throughout the year, especially for our current Year 10 and 11 students.

By placing VCAL back under the VCE umbrella the VCAA is recognising the equal value and importance of this program. The conference reinforced the message that VCAL and VET programs can provide wonderful pathway opportunities for senior students.

Paul Donaldson
Assistant Principal and Senior School Leader

Curriculum Matters by Mrs Michelle Nickels

Year 12 Further Maths (Mrs Nickels)

Pranad: Data doesn’t always tell the true story. So, we have learnt how to deseasonalise data.
Jakob: We have learnt how to interpret data and how to put it into useful graphs. We also learnt how to tell if there is correlation between two variables and how to judge the extent of the correlation.

Year 11 Maths (Mrs Grunberg)

Sammy: I have been doing measurement.
Allira: My numeracy skills have improved.
Odie: In measurement, I learnt that t stands for tonnes. BODMAS was also revisited.

Year 11 Personal Development class

The Year 11 Personal Development class are working on team building, communication and problem solving.  Students were given the task to create the highest and most stable tower in any design they chose – using only one colour icy pole stick and one packet of blue tac.  It was great to see them all working in groups, listening to each other and problem solving whilst having fun together. 

VCAL – The Unboxy Challenge

VCAL Students participated the Unboxy Challenge (provided by KIOSC)  where they had to create a tower, sculpture or a living space, all using pre-cut cardboard. 

What is the Unboxy Challenge?

Unboxy is cardboard architecture, providing a textural medium that inspires students to experiment with shapes, forms and processes.  The Unboxy kit contains large cardboard shapes and connectors which allows the user to create the geometric forms of their choosing.  A sense of collaboration and wellbeing is fostered within the class as participants are encouraged to experiment, imagine, and push the basic shapes of Unboxy to its limits.

Thanks to KIOSC for including us in this fun project.

Senior VCAL Literacy

Senior VCAL Literacy students have been investigating ‘what makes a good job’.

For Learning Outcome 2 Writing for Practical Purposes they were given the task to write an article for the school newsletter about their chosen career and why it is a good job.

Here’s what Charisma, Chloe, Luke, Pranad, Riley, TK, and Ty wrote about. Some very good advice here! VCAL Work Experience

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