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The last three weeks of Term 1 has seen our senior students completing their first major assessments. Our Year 11 and 12 VCE students have now completed their first SAC in nearly all their subjects and our VM students are working towards completing their first major projects.

On Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 March, as part of our Vocational Major ‘Student Voice Cafe Project’, our VM students completed a ‘Food Handling’ and ‘Espresso Making’ short course as part of their assessment. A registered training organisation delivered the program over two days and taught our students how to run a cafe safely and make a number of coffees. The course is nationally accredited and our students have learnt how to make a great coffee, much to the delight of our staff!

During the Term 1 break, it is recommended that our senior students utilise this time to organise their study notes and prepare for Term 2. Senior students will have tasks and readings to complete over the two weeks in order to maintain continuity and progress.

Students are encouraged to balance their time over the holiday break to include relaxation, fun with family and friends and to stay up-to-date with their studies. We wish all our students a safe and happy break over the Easter holiday period.


Bill Exton
Senior School Assistant Principal

Year 12 Art Students

Year 12 Art Students had an excursion to the city on Thursday 14 March, where we visited NGV to see the Triennial Exhibition. We had a guided tour and were all very excited to see some amazing contemporary artworks, including robots who made artworks and the “Comedian” banana duct taped to the wall. Students have learnt a lot about art appreciation and everything involved in putting together a large scale exhibition for the public. We also saw the Top Arts exhibition and had the chance to see A+ folios from Year 12 students last year. It was the perfect combination of important learning for our Art course and general fun, seeing some great artwork.

School Industry Roundtable focusing on Work Experience

On Tuesday 19 March five of our Senior students attended the School to Industry Roundtable to discuss Work Experience. It was great to see our schools Students, industry representatives and Careers Practitioners all in the one place sharing their stories and experiences round the value of Work Experience.
Work Experience plays a valuable role for young people in supporting their career journey whilst at school and as they begin to think about their journey after school. It is vital that local major industry is part of this conversation.

The goal was to ensure;

  • Increased quality Work Experience placements
  • Development of information, resources and supports that enable industry to host students
  • Schools are supported in managing the workload in enabling students to access work experience
  • Developing alternative models to ‘traditional’ work experience

It was fantastic to watch our school representatives contribute their student voice to this issue. They provided valuable insight and ideas at their respective tables and need to be congratulated.

Ella, Bailey, Levi, Tom and Sandan all represented themselves and Fairhills High School brilliantly.

Term 2 Events

In term 2 the Senior School will start to get out and about in the career discovery and planning.

VCE Careers Expo – Year 11 & 12

On 3 May the Year 11 & 12 cohort will have the opportunity to attend the VCE Careers Expo at the Melbourne Convention Centre. This event will include tertiary providers, employers and industry representatives plus gap year opportunities for them to investigate. In addition, during the time we are in attendance there will also be VCE subject seminars for students to attend.

Students will spend time at school preparing for the event investigating courses and options for school to work transition.
Watch Compass for permission and payment details.

Melbourne Careers Expo – Year 10

Year 10 will be attending the Melbourne Careers Expo on 17 May at the Melbourne Show Grounds. This amazing event will include not only tertiary providers both TAFE and universities, apprenticeship groups, public service industries (ADF, Police, Ambulance) and also industry representatives.

This event enables students to talk to a wide variety of people in relation options re transition from school.

Following the expo Year 10 will be given a tour of Swinburne Hawthorn campus. As a dual provider (both university and TAFE) Swinburne is a great starting point for students to start their investigation of what Tertiary studies can offer them.

Technical Trades Event

What is the Trade & Tech Fit?

The Trade & Tech Fit career expo (formerly The Trades Fit) is a free, 100% hands-on event that showcases study and employment opportunities for female and gender diverse young people in years 9 to 12 in industries that are traditionally male dominated.

The Trade and Tech Fit is 100% hands-on, allowing students to design video games, lay bricks, weld, use a flight simulator, program a robot, safety test equipment, use power tools, learn to paint and more. It provides a safe and equitable space where students engage with tradies, apprentices and industry professionals, providing insight into the breadth of career pathways where female and gender diverse people are underrepresented.

Where and when is the Trade & Tech Fit?
Date: Thursday 9 May 2024
Time: 9 am – 3 pm
Location: The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
Cost: Admission is free

The school has registered for 20 places and students interested in attending need to contact Liz Rundle in Pathways to save a place.

Career Insights Year 9

This amazing program enables Year 9 students to unpack their strengths and interests using the Morrisby profiling kit. The program then links this information with career opportunities and direction.

This is a positive program that provides students with fantastic insights into who they are, self awareness is a critical component of career planning. It also provides direction for their subject / program choices into the future.

No program will or should tell a student exactly what they should do but such programs enable valuable and informed conversations to be had. The profiling at school is followed up by a ‘one on one’ interview with a careers Practitioner. This follow up meeting is open for families to attend either in person or virtually.

Please watch out for the permission notice on compass in term 2. Parent permission must be provided for students to participate.

More information about the program can be found at:

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