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We are six weeks into Term 2, and Fairhills students have already been involved in so many opportunities. Opportunities to learn, to grow and experience the amazing world around us. Sporting teams have been tearing up the basketball courts, our senior biology students have attended a photosynthesis masterclass at our second campus (KIOSC) and our Year 12 legal Studies students recently visited the Supreme Court (more about these below).


As mentioned in the previous newsletter, our senior students are getting ready for their mid-year exams. On 25 May, students participated in a practice GAT (General Achievement Test). The students will receive feedback on the section they completed, before sitting the actual GAT on Thursday 15 June. Please see link below for more detailed information on the GAT for you. It is important that all students sitting the GAT prepare thoroughly for this important assessment.

GAT Student Rules

Attitude to School Survey

Over the next few weeks, all students will be providing feedback on their experiences at school via the Department of Education and Training’s Attitude to School Survey. This survey is conducted annually across all government schools. At Fairhills we value student voice as a powerful means to improve student engagement, wellbeing and quality instruction. The data from this survey and the PIVOT survey run by each classroom teacher support us to gain an understanding of our students’ perceptions and experiences.

Learning Walks

Over the last few weeks, members of the Fairhills Senior Leadership Team have participated in Student Learning walks. Learning walks aim to reinforce a shared vision for high-quality teaching and provide support to enable collective responsibility for achieving school-wide priorities. In addition to this:

  • Learning Walks provide an opportunity for observers to see the Fairhills Instructional Model in operation.
  • Learning Walks help provide information on the learning that is taking place in our classes.

I would like to wish all our senior students the very best in their upcoming mid-year exams. Do you best, prepare well, aim high!


Bill Exton
Assistant Principal Senior School

VCE Legal Studies – Supreme Court Visit

On Monday 15 September the Year 11 and Year 12 Legal Studies students were lucky enough to visit the Supreme Court of Victoria – Trial Division.

This is the first year since 2019 students have been able to go inside the court as the program has been online since 2020.

Students were able to sit in a Civil Law Courtroom where they met with Her Honour Judge Andrea Tsalamandris. Students spent an hour with Her Honour Judge Tsalamandris and asked her a variety of excellent questions about her role.

Then students were able to sit in a Criminal Courtroom and witness a trial first hand. This valuable experience allowed students to see many court processes and procedures they have been learning about this year.

Finally, students participated in a tour of the Supreme Court Law Library, which is an impressive historical building. Students were impressed by the architecture of the building and were able to see some amazing books in the library’s collection.

Year 12 Biology

The Year 12 Biology class recently attended a photosynthesis masterclass at KIOSC for a hands-on approach for the area of study: Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis.
Students used Chlorella vulgaris, a species of unicellular algae, trapped within alginate balls to conduct three different experiments. These involved exposure to light or dark, varying the light intensity via distance from a lamp, and varying the temperature. The students produced some really impressive results.
In addition, students made their own yeast alginate balls which they will be using to conduct cellular respiration experiments in the coming weeks.

Year 10 work Experience

The dates for this are fast approaching – June 19 – 23 (last week of term 2).

Work Experience is an invaluable experience for students, even those who already have part time work. Attending the work place for a whole week is very different to doing a 3-4 hour shift.

Congratulations to the many students who have completed the paperwork and are set to go.

Any student who is yet to secure a place needs to make a time to come in a see me in the Pathways office.

Families are reminded that students without work experience will be required at school to complete Virtual Work Experience project.

Normal Year 10 classes will be cancelled. All students will be visited by a staff member during their week of work experience.

If you can provide a work experience opportunity to our students, please contact me;

Liz Rundle

Careers and Pathways

Year 9 Career Insights – Morrisby Profiling

Congratulations to all the year 9 students who completed their Morrisby Profiling and have attended their follow up profile interview.

All students are able to access their report and findings on the website. See below

If you have any trouble accessing the report please contact me and I can ensure that you receive a copy.

Their individual report provides amazing insight; identifying strengths and ambitions. Encouraging students to aim high and raise their expectations, aspiring for excellence.
The report also maps out steps and resources required for the students preferred future.

If your student is yet to have their interview or complete the profiling, don’t worry. We intend on having another round of interviews in term 4.

Army Work Experience Expo – Puckapunyal Military Area – 01 September 2023

The Department of Defence will be opening its gates at the Puckapunyal Military Area on Friday 01 September 2023 and will host an Army Career Expo for all interested students across Victoria.

This event will showcase the variety of careers (full-time and part-time) available.

It will provide students an insight into:

  • Benefits within The Australian Army which is one of the world’s leading military forces
  • A valuable opportunity to have one-on-one discussions with ADF members to discuss their experiences and lifestyle
  • Interaction with Defence Force Recruiting (DFR) team about current job vacancies, salary and benefits, Defence University Sponsorship, Defence Force Academy, GAP Year, STEM opportunities.

I would like to take a small group of interested students to this amazing event.

Any interested students need to contact me before June 10.

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