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The highlight of the past three weeks was our ‘Discovery Night’ on Thursday 23 March, where we welcomed a large number of prospective families to come and take a look at our great school. I was very proud of our senior school student leaders, who stayed back to help set up for the evening and also take on various leadership roles. Our car park attendants were simply brilliant! Bailey, Nikita, Brent and Charlie did an amazing job organising the large number of cars onto our oval… It really was a huge effort. Our tour guides on the night also did a fantastic job leading the families to the different rooms and displays. We also had a large number of senior leaders helping out in each room, answering questions and carrying out various engaging activities. Well done to all our senior students who helped out on the night…we couldn’t have done it without you!

Over the past few weeks, our senior students have been very busy completing numerous SACs and work requirements. This has demonstrated the importance of realising that success is the result of hard work and that time must be given to completing tasks and practising skills that have been learned. Repeating and revising creates strong neural pathways and allows for faster retrieval of information. It is clear that many students still need to set up a study timetable, which will enable them to schedule study time as well as allowing time for part-time work, relaxation and exercise.

From a wellbeing perspective, I have noticed that many of our students find getting the recommended amount of 8 to 10 hours sleep each night, quite challenging. The following information is designed to help our students create positive habits and routines at night to assist them with getting the recommended daily amount of sleep.

Why do you need 8 to 10 hours?

  • Your academic success depends on how much sleep you get (ability to concentrate, focus, remember and maintain attention)
  • Your emotional health – if you are lacking sleep you have less control over your emotional responses and are more likely to have conflict and feel negative emotions
  • Physical Health – you are in a rapid stage of development and your body needs time to rejuvenate after a big day. If not, you experience fatigue and have a lower immunity (get sick more often)

How can you develop a positive sleep schedule?

Create a sleep schedule, similar to a study timetable.

Meditation practice before bed

Limit your screen time at night. Get off your phones 30 minutes before you go to sleep! The phone light triggers your brain to stay wired.

  • Read a book
  • Drink Chamomile tea
  • Exercise and nourish your body
  • Set up ‘Sleep Focus’ on your phones
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks after lunch (including cola drinks)
  • Buy an eye mask/use ear plugs to help create a quiet and dark space
  • See your GP if you are finding that you are not getting enough sleep

For more information about sleep and teens, click on the following link:

Bill Exton
Assistant Principal Senior School

VCE Art and Visual Communication

VCE Art and Visual Communication students visited the NGV International last week. They learnt about everything involved in presenting and protecting artworks in exhibitions.

They also visited the ACMI to experience the interactive display of media, cinematography and gaming design.

Year 12 VCE VM Melbourne Zoo

The Year 12 VCE VM students went on an adventure to The Melbourne Zoo on Monday. Students were working on risk assessments, interviewing Zoo staff and gathering data in preparation for our upcoming café project. The animals were on full display. Both students and staff had a fantastic day.

Year 12 VCE VM Barista Course

We are very excited to announce we are developing our very own school café. We recently purchased a coffee machine and the Year 12 VCE VM students undertook a Barista course. It was a two day long course where students learnt about food handling and then coffee making. In a rotation, students learnt how to make a range of coffees and how to pour the best coffee. Staff were lucky enough to try their coffees and we were all pleasantly surprised.

Students will be continuing to learn new skills and the café ideas are starting to flow and hopefully by Term 3 we will have the start of a functioning café for all.

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