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As you may be aware all schools currently have staffing shortages. Fairhills High School is no exception. We are doing everything we can to ensure there is a teacher in front of each class. I do want to thank the teachers for going above and beyond the call of duty to make this happen. I am proud of the staff who are very resilient and supportive of our students’ learning and wellbeing.


Carleen Madden – retired
Carleen has been at the school for well over a decade and has been a valuable member of the English and Maths departments.

Paul McLeish – position at another school
Paul has been at the school since 2018. The last 12 months he has taken some time off and recently received an offer at another school. Paul’s experience and knowledge around facilities will be valuable contribution to the new school.

I wish them both all the best for the future.

New staff

Erin McGillicuddy – Teacher

I am pleased to announce that Erin McGillicuddy will replace Ms Madden from Week 5. Ms McGillicuddy comes to the school with lots of experience, skills, and enthusiasm. I know she will add lots of value to our school.

Danielle Perry – Education Support Staff

In the office, we welcomed Danielle Perry at the start of Term 3.  Danielle has replaced Sharon Cox and her role includes the Daily Org – replacing teacher absences, looking after Reception and responding to phone calls.  Please make her feel welcomed as she learns the ropes of a busy school office.

Advertising and Sponsorship

Fairhills High School has developed advertising packages to support local businesses. For example, the e-Sign is an incredible space to advertise as over 50,000 vehicles travel past the sign every day.

The content of advertisements on school grounds must be appropriate for children (aged 0 to 18 years) and must not depict nudity, sex, violence, horror or crude language or involve political parties, tobacco companies, gaming venues or companies selling or promoting alcohol.

Parents/carers of our students will be provided with VIP deals!

If you are interested in advertising, please contact us via

Covid-19 Winter Wave

It is natural for us to want to believe that life is back to normal. It has been a very challenging two years so to have more freedom is something we all desire. However, to help stop the spread of the current Covid wave we all must do our part. The Department of Education are encouraging all staff and students to wear masks indoors. Thank you to those who are wearing the masks to help stop the spread. Your efforts will assist the community in general as well as frontline workers such as nurses, elderly care workers and paramedics.

There are also other ways we can contribute to stopping the spread and include:

  • cough or sneeze into your arm
  • use a tissue
  • wash your hands for 20 seconds

Beanie trial

It is also great to see so many students wearing the MND beanie. The school has extended the wearing of the MND beanie until the end of Week 5.

I am pleased to announce that the School Council has agreed to trialing a black beanie for the rest of Term 3.


  • it must be all black with no labels
  • cannot be worn indoors (MND beanie as well)
  • only worn in Term 3

If there are no major dress code issues regarding the beanie, the School Council may look at endorsing a 2023 FHS beanie.

FHS Dress Code

It is an expectation that all students comply with the FHS dress code. This includes travelling to and from school.  Information regarding our uniform and where to purchase is available at:

If a student is not compliant, we ask parents/carers to write a note. The student is required to take it to their sub-school to receive an authorised pass for 1-3 days (depending on the situation).

Examples of reasonable and unreasonable excuses are below.

Reasonable Excuse

  • uniform damaged/ripped
  • waiting on uniform stock
  •  financial concerns (please speak to General Office who may be able to support you)

Unreasonable (students will receive a uniform infringement)

  • cold
  • uniform being washed
  • disagree with the dress code


Ian Van Schie



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