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Proactive Wellbeing strategies – Mental Health Practitioner

I am pleased to welcome Mariani Lim to the school who has joined us in the Mental Health Practitioner position (MHP). The MHP’s main role is to develop whole school proactive strategies to improve wellbeing.

Proactive mental health strategies refer to activities, programs, and interventions that aim to promote positive mental health and prevent mental health problems. Several studies have shown that implementing such strategies in schools and communities can have a positive impact on teenage mental health.

For instance, one study found that a school-based mental health program that focused on building coping skills and resilience in teenagers reduced symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress among participants. Another study found that a mindfulness-based program for high school students reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression and improved emotional regulation skills.

Proactive mental health strategies can also help prevent the development of more serious mental health problems. For example, a study that examined the long-term impact of a school-based mental health program found that participants had lower rates of substance abuse, suicide attempts, and hospitalisations for mental health problems compared to non-participants.

Our THRIVE program’s main aim is to support students to develop their social and emotional skills which are essential to all aspects of life. Mariani will support the THRIVE team to further develop this important program, as well as developing inspiring new activities for our students.

We look forward to Mariani collaborating with the school community to improve mental health in our school community.

Mariani will be at the school two days a week. Week 1, Tuesday and Friday, Week 2, Thursday and Friday.

Annual Implementation Plan (AIP)

The AIP supports the school to achieve its strategic plan’s targets. Below are some of the key activities the school will undertake to support all students in 2023 and beyond.

  • Provide ongoing support and resources to implement and embed the Positive Matrix school-wide
  • Develop and implement high-quality Tier 2 (non-funded students with a learning or behavioural disability) Individual Education Plans
  • Document and implement guaranteed and viable curriculum
  • Guaranteed-each student has access to the same content
  • Viable-enough time is given for students to learn the guaranteed curriculum
  • Embed the FHS Instructional Model in all learning environments
  • Develop school wide evidence based numeracy and literacy practices

Respectful Behaviours in Schools

One of our school’s primary missions is to nurture a safe, caring, and orderly learning environment that supports all students. In keeping with that goal, we would like to remind everyone of the importance of fostering and maintaining healthy, respectful relationships in the school community.

Our aim is to foster a culture of respect and acceptance, which means that everyone in our community should feel heard and valued. We urge parents/carers to talk to their children about treating others with kindness (respect in action), understanding and empathy. If we explicitly model our values and expected behaviours it will help our students recognise the importance of positive actions (being an Upstander) that promote cooperation and mutual support.

A web page has been created for parents/carers, linking Respectful Behaviours within the School Community Policy and with additional information and resources to support parents to engage positively with school staff, including the appropriate pathways for raising concerns or complaints with schools and other useful resources for parents.

The laws introduced by the Andrews Government in 2022 strengthen protections for school staff against parent and career aggression by empowering authorised persons, such as principals, to issue School Community Safety Orders in response to harmful, threatening, abusive or disruptive behaviour at work. The School Community Safety Order scheme was introduced to all schools in mid-2022.

Violent and aggressive behaviour has no place in today’s society, particularly in an educational setting such as Fairhills High School. Staff should not feel that being subjected to violence and aggression is part of the job and are encouraged to report any risks or incidents of violence and aggression to a member of the Principal class.

The vast majority of our school community Shows Respect (school value) on a day to day basis to the amazing staff at Fairhills High School. We are pleased that the Department has taken a strong stance on unacceptable behaviours.


Ian Van Schie



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