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Middle School Report

It is with great pride that we launched and introduced the new sub-school structure with the commencement of the middle school (Year 7-9) and senior school (Year 10-12) in 2022. Students now have dedicated sub-school spaces and classrooms, student led elective programs, and specialised programs such as Year 7 & 8 Thrive and 9 – Connect to focus on the development of key characteristics and dispositions needed to succeed in life.

Our focus this year in the middle school is to take our responsibility to provide the best education for our middle school students. Our guiding principles are framed around our school values of acting responsibly, building relationships and showing respect.

I feel very privileged to lead the middle school and seek to assure you that the middle school team are committed to working together to create a learning environment in which all students are respected, where all students are safe and where all students have strong voices.

I very much look forward to working with all our middle school parents/carer, students and families.

Silvana La Leggia
Middle School Leader

Year 7 Induction Program

On the 31st January we welcomed our new year 7 students to the Fairhills High School community. Students engaged in a 3- day induction program delivering sessions on setting high expectations, anti-bullying, being an upstander, team building, mindfulness, organisational skills and time-management. The highlights included building a spaghetti marshmallow tower, and designing a future time capsule to open at the end of year 12, in the 2027.

Time Capsule

To celebrate the beginning of their secondary school lives, the Year 7s recently participated in a Time Capsule activity. Students were asked to write a piece about themselves outlining their personal characteristics, their likes and dislikes and what they want to be when they grow up. Importantly they also wrote a message to their future selves. These items were sealed in envelopes, some along with other personal mementos like photos, sporting medals and drawings and placed in a chest for safe keeping. These treasures will be unlocked when the students reach Year 12 in 2027. It is always fun to see how students have developed over the years and to give them a chance to reflect on their younger selves .


English News

We have welcomed our new Year 7s by asking them to write an introductory letter to their teachers. It was wonderful to learn about them all, and see what awesome writers they are.
All middle school classes will be starting their lessons with silent reading as soon as we have book trolleys set up. Students are also welcome to bring a book from home to read.

Humanities News

Our Year 7s have been learning about what Geography is. They did some awesome brainstorming. They also investigated what ‘place’ and ‘environment’ is by using Google Earth and maps. Some of us live in very interesting places.

Languages News

Welcome to the Year of the Tiger!

Our Japanese classes are grrrrowling along with their learning capably. Year 7s have learned how to greet and farewell in class, some basic greetings, and how to recognise the 3 different Japanese scripts. Year 8 Accelerated students have been learning about Japanese food and a traditional comedy called manzai. Some of them have already wowed Winstone sensei at lunchtime with their skits. Year 9 and 10 Anime and Manga our new elective have been learning about the history of anime and manga.

Maths News

Year 7 maths classes this year are participating in a trial of the Edrolo textbook. Edrolo have provided free textbooks for all year 7 students. These books have now been 

distributed to students. They will also have access to the Edrolo online platform. This should be available soon. As part of this arrangement classes will be visited and observed by Edrolo staff so we can provide valuable feedback to help them make the best learning resource possible.

Science News

In preparation for the refurbishment of G-block, we are currently preparing to pack up and move all of our science materials and equipment. The staff have already relocated their desks. As our science labs will be out of commission for most of the year. We will do our best to continue to do practical activities. This might sometimes happen in art rooms or even the kitchen. We also plan to use the laboratories at KIOSC. We can’t wait until the new Science/Technology building is built.


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