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The Importance of our School Values of Act Responsibly, Build Relationships, and Show Respect

In today’s society, the importance of instilling strong values in students cannot be overstated. Schools play a crucial role in shaping the character and behaviour of young individuals. At Fairhills we prioritise our three core values of acting responsibly, building relationships, and showing respect.

Firstly, acting responsibly is essential for students’ personal growth and success. By teaching them to take ownership of their actions and make responsible choices, schools empower students to become accountable individuals. This value encourages them to complete learning tasks on time, follow school rules and expectations, and contribute positively to their school communities. The recent participation and assistance of many of our Middle School students at the 50th Birthday celebration fun day was a clear example of the core value of Acting Responsibly.

Secondly, building relationships is crucial for fostering a sense of belonging among students. Schools should emphasise the importance of teamwork and collaboration to help students develop social skills necessary for future success. By promoting healthy relationships with peers and teachers alike, schools create an environment where everyone feels valued and supported. The weekly team activities delivered in house groups such as the spelling and maths challenges create and foster a positive team spirit and connection.

Lastly, showing respect is a cornerstone value that should be ingrained in every student’s character. Respecting oneself as well as others cultivates empathy, tolerance, and understanding within the school community. It creates an atmosphere where diversity is celebrated and everyone is accepted. Our students this week demonstrated this value by listening attentively and respectfully at the final year 12 assembly.

In conclusion, schools have a responsibility to teach students important values that will shape their character throughout their lives. Acting responsibly teaches them accountability; building relationships fosters teamwork; showing respect cultivates empathy. By prioritising these core values at Fairhills, we can ensure that our future generations grow up to be responsible citizens who contribute positively to society.

School Wide Positive Behaviour (SWPB)

School Wide Positive Behaviour (SWPB) is an approach that focuses on creating a positive and inclusive learning environment for all students. It aims to promote good behaviour and prevent negative behaviours through the implementation of clear expectations, consistent consequences, and targeted interventions.

One of the key components of SWPB is the establishment of a set of school-wide expectations or rules. These expectations are explicitly taught to all students and are consistently reinforced by all staff members. By clearly defining what is expected from students in terms of behaviour, SWPB helps create a safe and orderly learning environment (SOLE) where everyone knows what is acceptable.

Another important aspect of SWPB is the use of positive reinforcement. Instead of solely focusing on punishment for misbehaviour, SWPB emphasises acknowledging and rewarding positive behaviours. This can be done through verbal praise, certificates, and through the use of positive behaviour points that can be cashed in for rewards at the SWPB point shop. Students have been saving up all year for the chance to exchange for top point ticket prizes. A big thank you to our Amplify leaders Emma O’Connor and Kristy Burrell for running the shop all year.

SWPB also recognises that some students may require additional support to meet behavioural expectations. In such cases, targeted interventions are put in place to address specific needs. These interventions can range from individualised behaviour plans to counselling services or social skills training.

In 2024 we will continue to implement the School Wide Positive Behaviour approach to ensure a positive school culture that enhances student engagement in learning. By setting clear expectations, providing consistent consequences, and offering targeted interventions when needed, SWPB creates an environment where all students can thrive academically and socially.

Silvana La Leggia
Middle School Leader

Year 7 Science Parachute Experiment

In the current Year 7 Science topic “Forces”, our students investigated the relationships between the mass and the gravitational force through an exciting parachute experiment. Embracing inquiry-based learning, students hypothesised, experimented, and analysed results using the scientific method. This hands-on approach not only enhanced their understanding of science and physics, but also fostered vital problem-solving skills and teamwork.

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