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In the midst of all that is going on this term, our wonderful Middle School team continue to work tirelessly, supporting our students with their wellbeing, attendance, individual education plans and encouraging engagement through lunchtime clubs such as the newly re-launched Art club, Philosophy Club and the ever popular Dungeons and Dragons on a Friday afternoon.

The Careers Program this term has provided our Middle School students with the opportunity to begin making informed career decisions and equip themselves for the world of work. Years 7 and 8 students have been introduced to the DET Careers Program and Year 9 students the Morrisby Program. A big thank you to our Careers and Pathways Coordinator Elizabeth Rundle for providing our students and staff with the resources to deliver and learn about these programs. We are so lucky to have such an experienced Careers and Pathways Coordinator to assist our Middle School students to develop career action plans for life outside school.

As I write this article, the final preparations are underway for our Year 9’s to go adventuring on a five -day city experience. Students will be introduced to the complexities of team dynamics, deciding in teams how they can work together to undertake and learn from various activities and challenges.

This program allows students to explore and discover connections to the city environment, discover future careers and pathways, looks at Flora and Fauna at the city Zoo and parklands and fosters a sense of social awareness through projects such has homelessness and the environment.

We look forward to seeing lots of photos of their achievements upon their return early next term.
Thank you in advance to Greg Baker and Ying Qin who will facilitate this amazing experience for our Year 9 students.


Silvana La Leggia
Middle School Leader

Ready Steady Cook Year 7 and 8

The Ready Steady Cook class have been working on developing their skills across a wide range of different cooking genres. Most recently they have been baking Choc Cheesecake Brownies and completing a Breakfast Challenge, MasterChef style. A huge range of ingredients were placed out on the bench, and in pairs students created a Breakfast Dish that involved eggs (the only requirement) and had to be plated Cafe style.

Year 7 Maths Newspaper Bridge Challenge

Students used their knowledge of Geometry to build a bridge from newspaper. They designed and worked together as a team to construct the bridges. From the feedback we received, students really enjoyed the hands-on experience in their maths learning.

Year 7 and 8 Art

The Year 7/8 class recently completed some impressive ink paintings in just one lesson. The students were given the task of creating a background with a tonal contrast and an image in the foreground. Despite the limited time frame, the students produced stunning pieces of art that showcased their creativity and skill.


Year 9 and 10 Food Studies

Our Future Foods class ( Year 9 & 10 ) have been working on understanding Food Delivery Services. As well as examining why Food Delivery Services, such as Hello Fresh and Marley Spoon, are the future of home cooking, they’ve cooked two Hello Fresh Dishes.

Our Beautiful Baking class ( Year 9 & 10 ) have been working on savoury baking, and have most recently made Zucchini Slice. Our next focus was Party Planning and Occasional Cakes. To kick start this unit they created a Rainbow Cake (as made known by the Tigga Mac tik tok cake hack), and experienced the trials of cake decorating!

JLTAV Junior Japanese Speech Competition

The Japanese Language Teachers’ Association of Victoria will hold its annual speech competition on Sunday 27 August 2023 at Hawthorn Town Hall.

Students who are interested in participating please see Ms. Winstone to check out the speeches and for details on how to register. Shione our Japanese Language Assistant can help you prepare.

Applications close Friday 4 August 2023



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