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Dear parents/carers and students

As we finalise Term 4 activities we see our students in the middle School undertake our 2023 Smart start program. Students are given the opportunity to sample their subjects for next year and understand the key knowledge and skills that they will develop. Teachers get to know their students, set expectations and complete some engaging activities.

On Thursday 15 December, we look forward to celebrating our students at the annual awards ceremony to be held at Swinburne University. Award winners and their families will be notified shortly and it will be a great night to acknowledge the wonderful achievements of our students.

Wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !


Silvana La Leggia
Middle School Leader

Year 7 Gumbuya World

Some Year 7 students swapped out their middle school classroom for a fun day at Gumbuya World! Students took a well deserved break earnt by achieving 250 Gold token rewards by demonstrating school wide positive behaviours. Congratulations to you all!

Year 7 & 8 Thrive – Upstander Movement

Throughout our final Year 7 and 8 Thrive classes, we have focused on the concept of being an Upstander.

People all over the world are taking up the challenge of the upstander movement, in particular young students who want to see changes in their school.

An upstander is a helpful bystander–a person who recognizes when a situation is wrong and acts promptly and decisively to make it right. Moreover, an upstander will always stand up and do their best to protect and support anyone who is being hurt or treated unfairly.

Upstanders aren’t born – they’re made

These skills are learnable, coachable, and teachable. Some of the simplest ways to start include:

  • If you see or learn about a bullying incident or other harmful behaviour, do SOMETHING to help. Be a friend to the target, report the behaviour, discourage others from contributing to the problem, etc. Being an impassive observer helps no one but the bully.
  • Get friends and colleagues involved. There’s strength in numbers. The more people you can get to condemn and report the abuse, the more likely it will stop.
  • Be aware of the bullying/harassment policy in place at work or school. Also, point out the specific guidelines or laws being breached by the perpetrator.
  • Be a reliable, impartial witness to bullying incidents – accurately record time, place, persons involved, and precise details, so it can be investigated.
  • Promote tolerance and acceptance by respecting differences.
  • Stop hurtful messages and lies from spreading. The Internet has made it all too easy to spread malicious gossip about others. Refuse to be a part of it.
  • Educate yourself about bullying, harassment and toxic behaviours. The more you know about its causes and effects, the better prepared you will be when it’s your turn to be an upstander.

When you see any kind of harm say something by reporting it to your team leader or through Stymie at www.stymie.com.au

Positivity Awards

These awards acknowledge students who have demonstrated acts of kindness, being an upstander and worked above and beyond expectations.

Year 7


Year 8

Ella G

Year 9


Year 9 Connect – Wheelchair Basketball

Year 9 Connect students had a visit from Basketball Australia’s wheelchair basketball team on Wednesday 16 November. The students learned a bit about how to function in a wheelchair and how to play the game a little differently to how they normally do. A great time was had by the students and teachers who got to have a go, as they built a new set of skills and the empathic capacity thinking about people different to themselves.

Year 9 Connect – Healesville Sanctuary

On Wednesday 30 November Year 9 Connect students went to Healesville Sanctuary. The students got to explore the native animals, talk to keepers and see the bird show, all the while looking at the dangers that these animals face. They were taken to the endangered animal display where they were looking at habitat for Helmeted Honey Eaters (the Victorian National Bird) and Orange-Bellied Parrot a pair of endangered animals and looking at how they could improve their habitat.

Year 9 Peer Support Training

Last week our Year 9 students undertook training to become mentors to 2023 Year 7 students.

They spent two days doing Peer Support Australia activities to ensure they would be ready to interact with our youngest students in a positive and productive way. Students also had time for some fun such as making costumes out of toilet paper.

Next year Year 10 and 7 students will have a fortnightly class together spending time examining our school values along with participating in some fun games and activities.

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