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Diversity Week – Day 1 – Cultural Food Festival

The food festival combined with the VCAL Market Day was a big hit at lunch!

The food festival celebrating cultural and religious diversity is the first part of our annual Diversity Week.

The VCAL students worked hard preparing food and running stalls as part of their VCAL project.

There was so much yummy food!! Thank you to everyone who made the treats and to those who bought them.

All money raised will be donated to RUOK?


Diversity Week – Day 2 – Sexual Diversity Awareness

Day 2’s lunchtime activity was all about looking at colours for pride and importance of respect.

Students had the opportunity to tie dye socks as well as the old fashion chalk drawing on the pavement.

Even the staff got into the tie dyeing – think they should have a fashion parade.

Diversity Week – Day 3 – Gender Diversity Day

Gender Diversity was celebrated and we were joined by Knox Youth Services. Students made badges and bracelets to celebrate their individuality and pronouns.

There was some creative work by students and staff, including our Principal – Mr Van Schie who showed off his badge making skills.

Diversity Week – Day 4 – All Ability Awareness Day

Students had fun participating in activities that promoted awareness of people with All Abilities.

The most popular activity was the obstacle course where students were blindfolded and guided through a course of obstacles by a friend calling out instructions.

It became quite competitive, with the final leader board of times as follows:

1st place – Will 4 seconds
2nd place – Ryder 4.9 seconds
3rd place – Dwayne 5 seconds
4th place – Jackson 5 seconds
5th place – Will B. 5.1 seconds

Diversity Week – Day 5 – Neuro Diversity Day

Year 7 and 9 classes had a lesson about what it means to be neuro diverse and took part in some fun activities. At lunchtime students participated in a sensory guessing game where they had to guess what was in each box.

Thanks to all the staff and students who took part in Diversity Week….it was a fun week and a great way for students of all levels to work together.

Here is the House Group tally for Diversity Week activities:

Yellow: 340
Green: 233
Red: 228
Blue: 195

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