BASKETBALL ACADEMY the Fairhills High School Basketball Academy

The role of our program is to develop the leadership, athletic and academic potential of our players. Students are expected to attend school regularly, uphold our school values, and honour the Student Code of Conduct. In return, players are provided with an opportunity to participate in an elite basketball development program, compete in two major school competitions and be invited to try out for state school-sports teams. Senior players also have an opportunity to complete in house refereeing, coaching as well as strength and conditioning qualifications.


Enrolments into the academy are accepted throughout the year. Applicants are not expected to have any previous experience in playing basketball, however they are encouraged to be involved with organised sport outside of school if not basktetball at club level.


To learn more about our program please contact the Academy Director, Andrew Potter.  We look forward to hearing from you.



Basketball Academy Program

As part of the Physical Education Elective Design, students in Years 7-10 may enrol in the Basketball Academy Program.  Each semester, during school hours, students in Year 7-8 will participate in 1 x 73 minute training session per week, whilst students in Years 9 and 10 are offered 3 x 73 training sessions.

During training, players are encouraged to build fundamental motor skills, improve their personal fitness levels, develop sound offensive and defensive structures whilst positively contributing to the team environment.

The program has been periodised to ensure that all players are at their peak leading up to major school competitions.

To measure student success, players will participate in frequent skill, fitness and pre-competition testing, where data based upon their performance, will be compared against the Victorian Essential Learning Standards and reflected upon in student school reports.

Fairhills Basketball Academy enters junior teams and senior teams into the Victorian College Championships, the Victorian 3x3 and National Schools Championships.  Last year members of the Academy toured the USA.

There are NO ADDTIONAL FEES OR COSTS of enrolling into the Academy Program.



W.H.Glasson Stadium

In 2010, Fairhills High School, in association with the Knox Basketball Association built a $2 million, state-of-the art Sports Stadium on the school’s property which has now become known as :

W.H Glasson Sports Stadium

This highly impressive building has been designed for elite basketball programs and competitions.

The stadium consists of:

• two professional multipurpose courts

• a mezzanine

• toilets (with separate ‘persons with disabilities’ facilities)

• multi storage rooms

• staff room

• PCA and sound system 

• carpark

During business hours the stadium is used for Physical Education and Sports classes, and after hours the courts are used by the Knox Basketball Association for domestic competitions and training purposes.




Career Pathways

Students in Years 9 and 10 who are enrolled in the Academy program will be supported in the attainment of the following accredited Level 0 qualifications-

• Beginning Coaching General Principles (Australian Sports Commission)

• Basketball Coaching (Basketball Victoria)

• Basketball Refereeing (Basketball Victoria Referees Assoc)

• Strength and Conditioning (Australian Strength and Conditioning Association)

The skills attained by the successful completion of these programs will give students a greater knowledge base in the sports and recreation industries, which will further enhance their achievement in both VCE and VET related studies should sports, fitness, heath or physical education be their desired field of study.

Upon successful completion of each course students will receive a Certificate of Attainment.


Personal Development

In addition to developing strong fundamentals and physical fitness, students will be provided with additional personal development opportunities.

As such, all academy players are required to participate in co-curricular programs being offered within the school.

Players may opt to join the Students Representatives Council, accept a role in musical productions, take part in school debating competitions, become trained student mediators, assist in school transition programs, referee and coach Primary School Sport teams or students may attend leadership training courses and seminars which will be delivered througout the year.

The Personal Development Program offered to students within the Academy will assist them to apply the interpersonal skills they develop both on and off the court.

Skills such as leadership, communication, overcoming adversity, positive self talk and conflict resolution are all reinforced to players as they work in teams and take on positions of responsibility in school and community life.


School Values

Our Mission

Building a culture of respect for teaching, for learning and for each other

Our Vision

Achievement through diverse and challenging learning experiences

Our Values


• Behave appropriately and avoid giving in to peer pressure

• Carry through on promises we make

• Behave in a manner that demonstrates self-pride and honesty


• We are accepted for our differences including gender, abilities, religion, nationality and position

• We pull together as a team, no matter what our differences, to achieve formidable outcomes


• Do our best at all times

• Do not give up easily

• Try different ways to achieve the results we desire


• Follow school rules

• Attend school and be punctual

• Bring correct equipment to class


• Speak to each other in a positive, appropriate and polite manner

• Support each other through difficulties

• Show appreciation













Who runs the Academy?

Mr Andrew Potter is the Head Coach of the Basketball Academy.  With more than 30 years basketball experience including being an assistant coach at the NBL, WNBL levels, Head Coach of a SEABL program, long time Junior Coach with the Frankston Blues Association, works with Basketball Victoria in developing current and future Australian players, Assistant Coach to the National Championship winning Victorian Under 20 Women's team 2014 and Head Coach of the 18 & Under Women's Victorian Schools team 2015 & 2016.

Andrew also has access to many like minded coaches who assist in developing and coaching groups as needed.


How do you join the Academy?
To join the Academy, please contact Andrew Potter on 9758 5022.





The Fairhills High School Basketball Academy is located in our state-of-the-art double court stadium which has been developed in conjunction with Knox Basketball Association.  The school/community cooperative offers students a unique opportunity to combine academic studies with sepcialised sports training & skills development under the direction of an outstanding team of teacher and coaches.

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