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Principal’s Message

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Term 3

The end of the term is close, and I believe we all need a well-deserved break. I want to thank the hard-working and dedicated staff that I am privileged to lead for all their efforts this term.

Thank you to all those students who have participated in the wide range of activities to support the school to build closer connections with our local community.

These have included:

  • Hooptime – coaching the local primary basketball teams.

We received some incredible feedback from primary principals

“I just wanted to pass on a huge ‘thank you’ from our staff, students, and families at Kent Park to the students from Fairhills that came along to our Hooptime basketball competition last Friday.

Your students were outstanding!!! They were supportive, organised, enthusiastic and incredibly helpful.”

Kieran Denver – Kent Park Principal

  • Reading program at Knox Park Primary School
  • Instrumental students attending primary schools and retirement villages

2023 Leadership Positions

The school went through a rigorous recruitment and selection process for the two Assistant Principal roles. I am pleased to announce that the following people were the successful applicants.

Bill Exton

Bill has considerable experience and success in improving student outcomes. He currently oversees a house with 400 students at Brentwood Secondary College. Bill is also a passionate Humanities and English teacher.

Bill will lead:

  • The Senior School
  • Teaching and Learning Excellence

Silvana La Leggia

Silvana has a proven track record of improving student outcomes at Fairhills. She takes on any role with vigour, professionalism and with the students at the heart of all decision making.

Silvana will lead:

  • The Middle School
  • Engagement & Wellbeing

I look forward to working with them closely so we can attain our vision of “inspiring and empowering members of our school community to reach their full potential in an inclusive and supportive environment.”

Construction to begin!

I am excited to announce that May Construction PTY LTD has been awarded the Stage 1 Capital Works. They have been involved in many educational building projects, which included Wattleview Primary School. Please see the link for more information.

Timeline (ready for use)

  • Term 3 2023 – Music hub
  • Term 4 2023 – STEAM and Senior Learning Centre
  • Term 4 2023 – Landscaping

I want to thank our community for their patience so far. We will keep you updated via the newsletter, eSign and website on the building progress.

School Council

I am pleased to announce that Nicole Blanchard has nominated and been accepted onto the School Council. Nicole has already been involved in a council meeting and provided fresh ideas and suggestions that we are hoping we can implement.

If there are any other parents/carers who would like to join, please contact me via the school’s email.


Just a reminder that the green windbreaker will not be a part of the school dress code from 2023.

In early Term 4, School Council will decide whether there is a 2023 FHS beanie that can be worn in Term 2 and 3.


Ian Van Schie



Teaching and Learning Excellence

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2022 NAPLAN Results

The National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) is the annual assessment, held in May of each year, for all students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. The tests cover skills in reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation and numeracy. The school’s results reflect the targeted strategies implemented and dedication of our teachers over the last 18 months.

There has been significant improvement in our Year 9 results, especially when compared to network and similar school averages.


  • 22% higher than network schools
  • 40% higher than similar schools


  • 44% higher than network schools
  • 27% higher than similar schools


  • 22% higher than network schools
  • 5% higher than similar schools

I congratulate the students for the positive approach they took when undertaking these assessments. Year 7 and 9 students were provided with their NAPLAN results on Thursday 8 September. Parents/guardians who did not receive a copy of these results are welcome to contact the General Office.

Year 9 Connect Program

Head over to the Middle School report to see what has been happening.


Karen Dean
Associate Principal, Staff Development/Leadership

Exams are approaching

Students in Years 9 -12 will soon be undertaking their Semester 2 Exams.

Here are some revision tips to help alleviate the stress associated with exams:

  • Start early. Starting your revision early means you can spread it out and avoid last-minute panic.
  • Make sure you know the format, length of exam and what you are allowed to bring into the exam for each subject.
  • Find a revision method that works for you.
  • Test yourself.
  • Teach someone else.
  • Complete any revision sheets or practice exams given to you.
  • Do as many past exam papers as you can.
  • Space out your revision and take breaks.
  • Look after yourself.

The Tutor Learning Initiative

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic over the last two years, the learning of some of our students was disrupted. At Fairhills, we have used some funding to engage tutors to provide targeted teaching to some of these students identified as needing support.

We have been fortunate to have Liv, Bec, Isabel and Sandra working to support students from all levels with their literacy and numeracy. Each week they have worked with classroom teachers and small groups of students to help the students improve and grow their understanding.

Many students have welcomed the extra support provided and benefited from the tutoring sessions. The support has been offered in cycles of approximately 8 weeks. Data is collected at the beginning and the end of the cycles and we have been very pleased to see the growth in ability and confidence of our students.

Learning Intentions and Success Criteria

Our teachers continue to provide the students with clear Learning Intentions and Success Criteria for each lesson.

Learning Intentions are descriptions of what learners should know, understand and be able to do by the end of a lesson.

Success criteria are the measures used to determine whether, and how well, learners have met the learning intentions.

The purpose of these are to ensure all students know what they are going to learn, where they are heading and can determine if their learning has been successful.

High Ability Program

We have nine students in Year 8 who have been given the opportunity to participate in 10-week online extension and enrichment programs, in English and Mathematics.  The virtual program, delivered by Virtual School Victoria, focuses on extending and developing students’ mathematical and English abilities. Well done to our students participating in this.

Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series

The Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series provides funded extension activities for students in Victorian government schools from Prep to Year 12. Within the series, education expert partners are delivering an array of incursions, excursions, webinars and online programs across all areas of the curriculum that are free of charge.

The range of activities available can be seen at:

If your child is interested in participating in any of the activities, please have them see Michelle Nickels.


Senior School Report

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VCE End of Year Preparations

As we come to the end of Term 3 the students in Year 12 have only just over five weeks until the VCAA Exams begin. The next five weeks are very important in focusing on revision and exam preparation. The effort and study they put into their subjects over this time will be key to achieving a good result. On Thursday and Friday this week we have structured a formal exam timetable to allow them to complete a practice exam for each subject under exam conditions. This will be the first practice exam of many they should complete in the lead up to the actual exam. Students will need to review these exams and use their teachers to get valuable feedback on how to improve their answers.

The Year 12 students will also spend the first week of the September holidays undertaking a revision program organised by the Knox government schools. Students will be given a variety of revision materials and course information to help them focus on their exam preparation (this information has already been provided to each student).

The Year 12 students will complete their revision next term with the final date for set classes being Tuesday 18 October.

On Wednesday 19 October we will hold a celebration breakfast for students and staff in the morning.  In the evening we will join with the Year 12 students and their families to hold our Valedictory Dinner to celebrate their achievements and present awards to a number of students.

The main group of Year 12 exams begin with English on the 26 October.

Year 11 students continue with classes until their exams begin on the 14 November. This year we are planning to run two weeks of 2023 VCE introductory classes (21st through to the 2 December) to focus students on their next year’s subjects. Students will complete these lessons and may be required to attend course discussion interviews the following week after their exam and unit results are reviewed.

Paul Donaldson
Assistant Principal and Senior School Leader

Tour of Parliament

Our School Captains Caitlyn Griffiths and Michaela Lutwyche had an enjoyable and valuable experience when the captains of our local government schools were invited on a tour of parliament with Kim Wells MP and Nick Wakeling MP.

Year 11 Foundation Maths 3D Print

On 30 August, the Year 11 Foundation Maths class spent the day at KIOSC, learning how to etch, lasercut and code. They each produced a wonderful display light, with their own artistic etching on Perspex. The lights can be coded to any colour or pattern they like. This was followed up with some problem solving on VR headsets.

Here is some of their day for you to enjoy.

VET Dance to Bangarra Dance Company

Our VET Dance students went into the Arts Centre Melbourne to see Bangarra Dance Company’s performance of ‘Sandsong’. An all Indigenous Australian Dance Company, Bangarra specialises in telling Australian Stories through contemporary dance. Our students loved the performance and learnt so much through the Q&A at the end of the show, speaking with the production team and performers. If you are interested in undertaking VET Dance next year as a Year 11 subject please speak to Suzi Pedler in the PAC or Gym.

Work Experience at HMAS CERBURES

After completing the rigorous process of applying for the Navy Work Experience – lots of paperwork – and overcoming the logistical challenges of getting there, Noah was lucky enough to spend a week down at HMAS CERBERUS at Crib point.

During the experience Noah got to undertake the RAN swim test, complete with diving from heights, multiple Personal Training sessions, SAS training – with a pool designed to mirror what it is like to be lost at sea (waves, rain, lighting, and thunder). During these events Noah got to test his endurance and mental toughness all the while learning about safety and rescue procedures. He also had the opportunity to observe the use of naval artillery. As part of a work experience team Noah was charged with the responsibility of working to stop a simulated vessel from sinking, with a full size navy vessel designed to simulate water leaks that must be stopped.

This experience provided a fantastic opportunity to talk and network with current ADF members and really gain an understanding of the job opportunities available.

FROM NOAH: “Whole experience has helped to focus my goals for the future and I have decided that Marine Technician is my future career pathway – something I would not have known about or considered without this amazing opportunity.”

Well done Noah.

Work Experience and VET requirements for VCE Vocational Major (VM) in 2023

Students intending on completing the VCE VM in 2023 are required to complete a week of placement in 2022 to confirm their enrolment.

Congratulations to those students who have already confirmed their experience dates and paperwork.

Any student who has indicated that they wish to do the VCE VM must organise and complete placement before the end of 2022. If you are yet to do so please contact Liz Rundle in Careers for help with this process.

In addition VCE VM students must also enrol or complete a VET in Schools program. If you need assistance with this process please contact Liz Rundle.

VET as part of VCE

Students who wish to complete a VET in Schools certificate as part of their VCE must submit their application as soon as possible. Some programs are already at capacity – first in best dressed. Applications available at the front office and programs on offer are listed at

VET Orientation day will be on Wednesday the 30th November. This event helps students to gain an understanding of the program they have selected, practice transport to and from and meet their trainers.

Attendance is compulsory to confirm enrolment.

Information about venues and times will be communicated in term 4.

Year 12 Students – School to Community Transition

29 SeptemberVTAC applications must be completed – late fees will apply after this date
7 OctoberSEAS and Scholarship applications close (5pm)
NovemberStudents need to register for the VCE results and ATAR service (by the end of November)
12 DecemberATAR’s will be released
14 DecemberChange of preferences must be completed
21 DecemberJanuary offer Round 1 domestic


For more information visit:

Students looking to secure Employment / Apprenticeships / Traineeships should ensure that they have an up to date resume and cover letter ready to go now. Registering profile details on job search websites will enable employers to find you. Don’t forget LinkedIn.

Job hunting needs to start now – don’t wait for the rush at the end of the year.

Fairhills High School Careers Office is open to assist in job applications –


Middle School Report

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The value of extracurricular activities

Almost every high school in Australia offers some type of extracurricular activity, such as music, academic clubs, and sports. These activities offer opportunities for students to learn the values of teamwork, individual and group responsibility, physical strength and endurance, competition, diversity, and a sense of culture and community.

Extracurricular activities provide a channel for reinforcing the lessons learned in the classroom, offering students the opportunity to apply academic skills in a real-world context, and are thus considered part of a well-rounded education. Recent research suggests that participation in extracurricular activities may increase students’ sense of engagement or attachment to their school, and thereby decrease the likelihood of school failure and dropping out (Lamborn et al, 1992; Finn, 1993).

This term we have seen a hype of activity in the Middle School where students have taken full advantage of the many extracurricular activities on offer. We were off to see the Wizard in this year’s musical production the Wizard of OZ . Fairhills students thrilled sell out audiences across six performances including matinee sessions for our local feeder primary schools. Hot on the heels of the musical was the Victorian State School Spectacular – held on Saturday 10 September. Our students worked so hard for this and did a ‘spectacular’ job!

The Wellbeing Team and Student Leadership delivered and fun packed week of activities for Diversity week focusing on Neo, cultural, sexual, and gender diversity and all abilities awareness. Thanks to all the staff and students who took part in Diversity Week….it was a fun week and a great way for students of all levels to work together. This week respectful relationship workshops were delivered to our Year 8, 9 and 10 boys/girls focusing on mental health and supporting their psychological and emotional development needs.

Recently a fantastic team of Fairhills students helped coach and manage thirteen Grade 5/6 ‘Hooptime’ basketball teams for Knox Gardens Primary School and Kent Park Primary School. Our students really enjoyed helping the students and staff with this event.

May you all have a safe and restful September school holiday break.

Silvana La Leggia
Middle School Leader

Positivity Awards

Year 7  – Georgia and Will

Year 8 – Ella and Keisha

Year 9 – Jovo and Audrey

KIOSC Science Communication Conference plus Awards!

Well done to our four Year 7 students – Heath, Felix, Zaydah and Grace, who participated in the first KIOSC Science Communication Conference and came away with Awards!!

KIOSC provided students with a complete conference experience, even signing them up and providing conference lanyards and satchels.

Two guest speakers, including Swinburne’s Chief Scientist, spoke about their pathway in Science and STEM. Students then took part in the ‘Market Place’ where they had to man a table and explain the activities they did during their ‘Mission to Mars’ experience at KIOSC. They spoke to other students, teachers and visiting scientists. The aim was to clearly communicate what they had done, and the science concepts involved.

Ms Cox (FHS Teacher) was so proud that our team won the ‘Most Enthusiastic Presentation Award’. Congratulations to Heath, Felix, Zaydah and Grace.

Heath also won the ‘Future STEM-inist Encouragement Award’.

It was such a great experience. Ms Cox is looking forward to taking more teams to this Conference next year.


Year 8 KIOSC Experience

Our Year 8 students had a super fun day at at KIOSC, where they learned about Energy and Geohazards. This is a program that explores new technologies to solve environmental issues.

Students explored various building materials that are best for saving energy in different climates, and they presented a lot of creative ideas building their own sustainable houses. They learned how to code drones to save a family from a bush fire. They also investigated different types of wind turbines, and then designed and created the most efficient energy generator.

These activities allowed students to practice team-working, communication, and problem-solving skills. Every student was highly engaged in these small group activities. They were also able to remain calm when things didn’t go as planned, identify the possible factors, and came up with their own solutions.

Well done Year 8s!

Year 9 and 10 Future Foods

Our Year 9 and 10 Future Foods students designed and created their own Fried Rice recipe.

A seemingly simple recipe, however, they are learning about Food Miles and will soon start the process of learning where each and every ingredient has come from and how it’s come from the paddock to our plate!

Year 9 Connect

Year 9 and 10G students participated in the Man/Girl Cave Healthy Relationships day this week. Students enjoyed a wide range of activities, interactive workshops and open and frank discussions that occurred throughout the sessions. All the presenters are to be congratulated on the engaging and professional manner in which they conducted the workshops, with particular thanks going to Peta Cartwright, the school’s Mental Health Practitioner and Gail Ackroyd, the school’s Chaplain.

MCG Visit

Year 9 Connect students had a great tour of the MCG this term. Students were lead around the grounds, locker rooms and members area by a volunteer.  Students had the chance to walk on the hallowed arena and in the footsteps of where legends have walked as well as the MCG Member’s Lounge. There were immersed in history at the Sports Museum and had a go at the interactive “Game On” museum where they could cycle, play ball sports and test their reflexes.

Important Dates

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Thursday 15 SeptemberYear 10 & 11 Social
Friday 16 SeptemberLast day of Term – 2:30 pm Finish
Monday 3 OctoberFirst day of Term 4
Wednesday 5-Friday 7 OctoberYear 9 Camp
Tuesday 18 OctoberLast day of Year 12 classes
Wednesday 19 OctoberYear 12 Breakfast / Valedictory Dinner
Wednesday 26 OctoberYear 12 Exams begin


School Tours

To book a School Tour go to:

We look forward to welcoming you and showing you around our great school.

2022 Term Dates

Term 131 January to 8 April 2022
Term 226 April to 24 June 2022
Term 311 July to 16 September 2022
Term 43 October to 20 December 2022


General News

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General Office

The General Office hours are: 8.15am-4.15pm. 

Telephone: 9758 5022

Parents, contractors, visitors and volunteers should always make contact with the General Office first when visiting the school or requiring to make contact with their child.

Appointments with teachers must be made via telephone or email.


Compass is the communication portal for Fairhills –

Parents/carers are provided with log in details. For any questions or trouble logging in please contact the office. Using Compass allows parents/carers to have access to up-to-date information and the following features:

  • Monitor attendance, and enter an explanation for absence or lateness
  • Communicate with teachers
  • Update contact details
  • View their child’s timetable and the school calendar
  • Monitor homework and assessment tasks
  • Download and view semester reports
  • Book parent-teacher-student interviews each semester
  • Pay and provide consent for events and school contributions

Compass Events / Payment Centre / Course Confirmation

Please check Events regularly as these need to be consented/paid by the due date for your child to attend.  Also check out the Payment Centre and Course Confirmation sections.

Click here for the Compass Parent Guide

Student Absences

If your child will be absent or late due to illness or for any other reason, parents/guardians are able to:

  • Mark their absence on Compass / or
  • Send an email to the school: / or
  • Phone the absence hotline on 9758 5022. Leave a message after the prompt. The absence hotline is operational 24hrs a day, 7 days a week for your convenience.

Student’s arriving to school late should report to the General Office to receive a late pass.

If a student is required to leave school early for any reason they should bring a note from their parent/guardian and record this on Compass. All students are required to sign out from the General Office.  If they need to call home, they should come to the office.  Students should not use their mobiles.


If your child or any family member has COVID, please ring or email the school so we can record their absence accordingly.

Students who are family close contacts, must wear a mask whilst indoors and onsite and test regularly.  If you require RAT tests, please contact the General Office.

Parent Carpark – pick up and drop off

Just a reminder for parents/carers to use the Parent Car Park at pick up and drop off times.  The staff/visitors car park should not be used.

Lunchtime Clubs and Groups

Students have the opportunity to join any of the Clubs and Groups offered during lunchtime.  Details are provided in the link below.  Any suggestions for other lunchtime activities can be forwarded to the wellbeing team.

Click here for Whats on at Lunchtime Club/Groups

Uniform Shop

The purchase of School Uniforms are now through Dandy Schoolwear in Dandenong.

Dandy Schoolwear

Factory 8, 169 Cheltenham Road, Dandenong
(03) 9792 0424

Monday to Friday – 9:00am to 5:00pm
Saturday – 9:30am to 2:00pm

Click here for the Uniform Price List

Click here for the 2022 Fairhills High School Student Dress Code

Click here for Uniform – what to wear

Sustainable School Shop

Looking to buy or sell secondhand books or uniforms?  Visit: 

You can also find the following items:

  • Calculators
  • Sporting items
  • Musical items
  • Electronics & DVD’s
  • Stationery

2022 Bell Times

8:40amLocker Bell (10 min)
8:50amPeriod 1 (57 min)
9:47amHouse Group (Year Level on Wed) (15 min)
10:02amRecess (25 min)
10:27amPeriod 2 (57 min)
11:24amTransit (2 min)
11:26amPeriod 3 (57 min)
12:23pmStart of Lunch (25 min)
12:48pmMiddle of Lunch (25 min)
1:13pmPeriod 4 (57 min)
2:10pmTransit (2 min)
2:12pmPeriod 5 (57 min)
3:09pmStudents finish
3:11pm– 4:08pmPeriod 6 Monday and Tuesday some VCE subjects (57 min)

Team Leaders

Year LevelStaff Leaders
Sarah Power
8Kate Parker
9Greg Baker
10Robyn Grunberg
VCEJulian Stokes

Asthma / Diabetes / Anaphylaxis / Epilepsy

ASTHMA, DIABETES, ANAPHYLAXIS, EPILEPSY or an ALLERGY management plans are required to be updated and submitted to the school every 12 months. Please ensure you have provided this to the office in the best interest of your child.

If you require any assistance, do not hesitate to contact the office on 03 9758 5022.

Contact Details

If you have changed any of your personal details (phone numbers / address / place of employment) – please email your changes to: or phone the office for assistance on 03 9758 5022.  It is important to ensure our records are current. Thank you for your cooperation.


Student Voice and House Points

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House Points Tally Term 3

Drum roll please….

We had a surge in both Lids4Kids and School Wide Positive Behaviour Points this week which was great to see. This has also lead to the winning House group and a free sausage in our end of Term sausage sizzle going to RED HOUSE!!!

Well done Red House students. You will get your raffle ticket for a free sausage at the sausage sizzle at lunch this Friday 16 September.

We will also have sausages and a vegetarian option on sale for $2 each (thanks inflation).

Remember the Tasty Truck will not be coming Friday due to the change of bell times and early finish of 2:30pm. So make sure you bring money to buy a sausage or else for everyone in Red House enjoy one free sausage or vegie option on us.

HOUSE Points 

RED – 1,162
GREEN – 1,128
YELLOW – 1,099
BLUE – 938

RED – 164
GREEN – 154
BLUE – 131

RED – 228
GREEN – 233
YELLOW – 340
BLUE – 195

RED – 770
GREEN – 741
YELLOW – 710
BLUE – 642

In Term 4 we will look at the House Points overall for the year, and have a celebration lunch for the House Group that wins for 2022.

Lids 4 Kids

OVER 10,000 LIDS have been collected so far!!!!!

It is great to know that these lids will be used for something amazing – not going to landfill.  Keep them coming.

What to collect: bread tags and lids – (milk/UHT bottle lids, water bottle lids, soft-drink bottle lids)

Where to drop off: The General Office – House-colour containers are located on the Reception Desk

Where do the lids go: These will be donated to a fantastic foundation called Lids4Kids, the plastic lids will be created into mobility aids and toys among many other things for young kids and the bread tags will be used to create wheelchairs. Head to Lids 4 Kids for more information:

How are points counted:  10 lids will count for 1 point.  The winning house will also be awarded and extra 20 points.

For items more than 10 – can you please count the items and indicate the number of lids/tags on the bag to help with the counting.



Fairhills Musical Production

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The Wizard of Oz

Thank you to everyone who came to support our students in The Wizard of Oz. The commitment to the musical from students, parents and volunteers is huge.
A massive thanks to Ms Sarah Power – the teacher responsible for putting this together. Her passion, determination and dedication to the performance is amazing. She spends so much of her own time to get this done. The students are so lucky to have her, she goes above and beyond!!
A very big thanks to the Eagle family for their help especially Charlotte Eagle for assistant direction and vocal coaching and Russell Eagle for helping with the program, sets, trivia night and much more.
Thanks to Belinda Kovos for all the hard work on the costumes, with the assistance of Celeste Whitchurch.
Most all of all thanks to the students for your hard work. You did an amazing job.


State School Spectacular

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State School Spectacular

Well done to our amazing students who participated in the State Schools Spectacular on the weekend. 
Thanks to Ms Power and Mrs Pedler for all of their help and energy with the group!
You all deserve a relaxing holiday!!

Instrumental Music

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Flute trio performed at Fairhills Primary School

Fairhills Primary School flute trio performance was a great success. Staff were really welcoming and invited us back.

Jack and Abby Year 8 and Aurora Year 7 were terrific ambassadors for the school.

When Jack attended Fairhills Primary School he was school captain, so the staff and students really enjoyed catching up with him.

Knox Retirement Village Performance

On Thursday 8 September, Fairhills H.S Music students visited the Knox Retirement Village to perform a wide array of music . The concert included the Flute Ensemble conducted by Ms McAlister, the Brass Quartet conducted by Mr James and solos by Lachlan, Jack and Aurora. The audience was very welcoming and loved the chance to hear live music once again in their village. Congratulations to all the performers and thankyou to the Knox Retirement Village for hosting us.

Knox Rocks


Diversity Week

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Diversity Week – Day 1 – Cultural Food Festival

The food festival combined with the VCAL Market Day was a big hit at lunch!

The food festival celebrating cultural and religious diversity is the first part of our annual Diversity Week.

The VCAL students worked hard preparing food and running stalls as part of their VCAL project.

There was so much yummy food!! Thank you to everyone who made the treats and to those who bought them.

All money raised will be donated to RUOK?


Diversity Week – Day 2 – Sexual Diversity Awareness

Day 2’s lunchtime activity was all about looking at colours for pride and importance of respect.

Students had the opportunity to tie dye socks as well as the old fashion chalk drawing on the pavement.

Even the staff got into the tie dyeing – think they should have a fashion parade.

Diversity Week – Day 3 – Gender Diversity Day

Gender Diversity was celebrated and we were joined by Knox Youth Services. Students made badges and bracelets to celebrate their individuality and pronouns.

There was some creative work by students and staff, including our Principal – Mr Van Schie who showed off his badge making skills.

Diversity Week – Day 4 – All Ability Awareness Day

Students had fun participating in activities that promoted awareness of people with All Abilities.

The most popular activity was the obstacle course where students were blindfolded and guided through a course of obstacles by a friend calling out instructions.

It became quite competitive, with the final leader board of times as follows:

1st place – Will 4 seconds
2nd place – Ryder 4.9 seconds
3rd place – Dwayne 5 seconds
4th place – Jackson 5 seconds
5th place – Will B. 5.1 seconds

Diversity Week – Day 5 – Neuro Diversity Day

Year 7 and 9 classes had a lesson about what it means to be neuro diverse and took part in some fun activities. At lunchtime students participated in a sensory guessing game where they had to guess what was in each box.

Thanks to all the staff and students who took part in Diversity Week….it was a fun week and a great way for students of all levels to work together.

Here is the House Group tally for Diversity Week activities:

Yellow: 340
Green: 233
Red: 228
Blue: 195

Sports / PE

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Year 7 – 12 Basketball

Congratulations to all of our Year 7-12 basketball teams that competed in inter school competitions this term! We had some great results including the intermediate girls making the grand final and junior boys finishing third.


Knox District Athletics Carnival

The Knox District Athletics Carnival was held on Tuesday 6 September.  The first warm day for a long time made for a great day.

Fairhills had 39 students participating in a wide range of events. Some students were in a single event while a few such as Marc were in multiple events. I’m always impressed with the students willingness to compete, regardless of where they finish in a race or event.

Some of the notable results are listed below and some photo’s included.

Nikita – 1st in the Javelin and 2nd in Shot Put
Brendan – 2nd in the Javelin
Marc – 1st in Discus and 1st in 200m
Bailey – 3rd in 800m
Patrick – 1st in 800m
Blake – 2nd in 200m
Pepper – 2nd in Discus
Joshua – 2nd in 400m
Dominic – 2nd in 1500m

Well done students – Mr Peter Milner (teacher)

QLD Basketball Team – Looking for Sponsors/Donations

We are beyond stoked to have the opportunity to head to the Gold Coast this December to compete against 50+ other schools in the Australian School’s Championships!! (ASC’s).

The ASC’s is the pinnacle event for school basketball in Australia, attracting Secondary Schools Australia-wide to compete in a week-long event. In recent years, the Championships have become so well-regarded that teams from neighbouring countries have even travelled to participate!

In preparation, we’ve hit the gym, ramped up our training and held several fundraising events to help fund the trip – check out our video:

Sponsorship Packages:

Please email for sponsorship packages information


Instant donations can be made at:

Thank you

Thank you in advance for all your support!

Will, Jacob, Patrick, Kahui, Harley, Bailey, Jaden, Cody, Matthew and Tyson.


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The Wellbeing Team have had a jam-packed yet successful Term 3! During this term, we saw the launch of The Fathering Project at Dads & Teens Games Night. It was a fantastic night, with over 40 dads & teens attending the event. Thank you to everyone who attended. A special thanks to Rodney Eade from The Fathering Project, and James Harding from Hard Cuddles for their inspirational presentations.

We had tremendous Respectful Relationships Days for the Year 8s, 9s, and 10s. We had Mancave facilitate the day for the boys and Peta & Gail for the girls’ groups. A big shoutout to Peta & Gail for developing and running the programs.

We have the Student Eye Care Program coming to Fairhills in Term 4, and please see below for more information. We wish you all a safe & relaxing break and look forward to seeing you in Term 4!

“Do whatever needs to be done, so that you can be everything you want to become.” – Unknown

Amal Saleh-Zada| Student Wellbeing Coordinator

Dads and Teens Games Night

The Dads and Teens Games Night was a great night enjoyed by all.  The Fathering Project educates, connects and mobilises fathers and families to create brighter futures for all children. It is research-based prevention and early intervention programs and resources that engage, inform, inspire, equip and support fathers, families, schools, corporates and community-based organisations. It’s simple, fathers and father figures play a critical role in preventing long-term social, emotional and cognitive difficulties and creating the conditions for children to thrive.



Thursday 8 September was RUOK? Day! RUOK? Day is a national mental health and suicide prevention campaign that is about increasing people’s awareness and skills around having helpful conversations with people around them. We are often in the best position to notice the small changes in the people that we spend the most time with – changes in moods or behaviours that might indicate that someone might be struggling with something in their life. The next step is taking the time to check in with them. The RUOK? campaign is about reminding everyone to take the time to check in with those around them and making RUOK? a part of our everyday.

As part of our RUOK? Day campaign students in Yr 7-9 had focussed lessons in THRIVE and CONNECT last week addressing how to ask, why to ask and when to ask RUOK? Our VCE Food Studies students baked up an RUOK? cupcake storm for our lunchtime activities- they sold out in a flash and all money is going towards an RUOK? beanbag for the Wellbeing Centre. We also had students visit and add to our RUOK? mural wall where they were able to write tips on how to check in with someone and how it feels when someone checks in on you.

Our Year 12 Wellbeing Student Leader – Yasmin – was a huge part of the planning and running of the RUOK? activities- leading up the baking, selling and ideas behind the day. She is a star and we could not have done it without her. We are so grateful to her and to the VCE Food Studies class for their amazing and tasty cupcakes!

Respectful Relationships Programs

In Week 9, our Year 8, 9 and 10’s all participated in a full day Respectful Relationships program. The boys’ programs were facilitated by external group, THE MAN CAVE who led the boys through activities, discussions and sharing around the expectations on boys and men, healthy masculinity and supporting themselves and others. The school was able to provide these programs through funding available through the DET Respectful Relationships program. The girls’ programs were developed and facilitated by Gail (Chaplain) and Peta (Mental Health Practitioner). Both programs were well received by the students and were challenging, engaging and fun.

Student Eyecare Program at FHS – Free Eye Tests Covered through Medicare

Haven’t had your child’s eyes checked in a while?

  • According to the Optometry Association of Australia, every person should get their eyes checked at least once every two to three years.
  • At least 1 in every 6 students have vision issues that go undetected.
  • All students are given a detailed report at the end of their eye tests.
  • Find out if your child’s eyes are in good condition!

The school is pleased to announce that it will be running a welfare initiative called the Student Eyecare Program in Term 3, 2022. An optometrist will be onsite during school hours to provide students with a comprehensive eye examination. Each attendee will receive an individual report regarding the eye health and a prescription will be provided if glasses are required. The school will not have access to the individual report but will be notified if glasses were recommended. Please note that this service does not sell glasses and the prescription can be taken to any optical store.

The program’s aim is to detect visual problems that may interfere with a student’s learning abilities and subsequently hinder their academic potential. A significant number of students have visual problems that go undetected. The main visual issues that go undetected are inadequate focusing and eye teaming abilities that could lead to symptoms such as poor concentration, fatigue, headaches and unwillingness to read.

This eye health service is available to all students and is covered by Medicare Australia. It is a Medicare Bulk Billing service– so there is no cost to the students. The form is to be completed by the parent or guardian.

Register now:


Elephant Ed

Elephant Ed will visit our Year 7-10 throughout Term 3 and 4 to discuss issues commonly faced by adolescents, including safety, identity, body image, social media, and other issues. They deliver age-appropriate workshops that are tried and tested across all relevant age groups and are mapped to State and National curriculum guidelines. They work towards empowering young people to make informed, positive and safe decisions about sexuality, relationships and growing up.

Lunch Time Groups

Explore, facilitated by Gail, our School Chaplain, is a group for Year 7/8 girls and students who identify as female to connect through games, crafts, activities and discussion. The group will explore themes of friendships, personal strengths, coping and lots more. It runs Tuesdays at lunchtime in the Wellbeing Centre. Interested students can speak to the Year Level Leader or pop in to see Gail on a Monday or Tuesday for more information.

? Squad – our LGBTQ+ group continues to run on Thursday lunchtimes in the Wellbeing Centre and is open to all students. Each term the students attending decide what they would like to do during the weekly lunchtime sessions. Over the year so far we have talked about self-care and relaxation, made rainbow bead bracelets, decorated cookies, worked together to create a Pride Month Calendar to raise awareness about gender and sexual diversity, had a karaoke session, shared our favourite LGBTQIA+ friendly books and TV series and continued to build and support a safe and inclusive space for LGBTQIA+ students and allies.

Feel Good Fridays– Our 5-week workshop series about the connection between body and mind finishes up this week. We have had a great response from students as we have explored Nutrition, Sleep, Exercise and Relaxation and how looking after our body can enhance our mental wellbeing as well.


Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is held in J2 – (entrance from the Canteen Courtyard) as follows:

  • Monday – recess – basic breakfast
  • Tuesday – recess – basic breakfast
  • Wednesday – before school – basic breakfast
  • Thursday – before school – pancakes
  • Friday – before school – basic breakfast

Families in need – Internal Food Options

Every fortnight starting Week 1 of Term 4 and every fortnight after our Frozen meal and Pantry is open to students and families that this is helpful for. Please meet our Chaplain Gail in the Canteen after school, from 3:09pm to 3:45pm. All Welcome.

Families in need – External Food Options

For families in need please see the following services that support the community:


Student Wellbeing Team

Student Wellbeing Coordinator – Amal Saleh-Zada
Mental Health Practitioner – Peta Cartwright
Chaplain – Gail Ackroyd
University Placement Students: Elli, Kerrie, Michelle

Accessing Support through Wellbeing

The Wellbeing Team can assist students in accessing the support they need to navigate challenges that may impact their ability to engage in learning or general feelings of Wellbeing. For example, the Wellbeing Team can engage the student or family in an initial assessment of need, short term counselling or skills development or referrals to external support agencies. Students may also be encouraged to access self-help strategies or resources. We will explore the best options for each student.

We encourage students and/or parents to contact the year level leaders for wellbeing referrals. You can also make an appointment with someone from the Wellbeing Team by attending the Wellbeing Centre or contacting us via email at

Teachers who have concerns about a student may also refer them to the Wellbeing Team through their Year Level Coordinator.

If you or anyone you know needs immediate support, please contact kidshelpline or lifeline on the numbers at the bottom of this page.




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This past week we celebrated the 2022 Children’s Book Awards.

The winner of the Older Readers Award was Tiger Daughter by Rebecca Lim. Tiger Daughter tells the story of Wen Zhou the only daughter of Chinese immigrants whose move to the lucky country has proven to be not so lucky. Wen and her friend, Henry Xiao both dream of escape from their unhappy circumstances, and form a plan to sit an entrance exam to a selective high school far from home. But when tragedy strikes, it takes all of Wen’s resilience and resourcefulness to get herself and Henry through the storm that follows.

Honours Awards were also given to Girls in Boys’ Cars by Felicity Castagna and How to Repaint a Life by Steven Herrick. These and other nominated books are on display and available to borrow now in the Library.


Fairhills High School Alumni

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Work Experience

FACT! Young people are more likely to be successful in their job hunt if they have undertaken #workexperience.

The evidence? Over 50% of graduate recruiters that took part in a recent research study said: “Graduates who have had no previous work experience are unlikely to be successful during the selection process and have little chance of receiving a job offer.”

Students often think the only point of doing #workexperience is to fill up their resume and they’ll just end up twiddling their thumbs or stuffing envelopes… but in fact, a Year 10 Work Experience placement is invaluable!

It not only helps them identify their passions and skills early on, enabling them to follow a career pathway closely aligned with their natural skillset, interests, and abilities, it is also the best way for them to get a real sense of their chosen industry. They can speak to employees, ask them questions, and it shows future employers they are motivated to get into that chosen career.

Equally, for students not sure what career they want to follow, work experience is a perfect way to sample all the options out there and explore different jobs without committing to anything. By undertaking a variety of different work placements, students can also get a good understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses.

So, #workexperience really does matter. But how do students secure it? One way is through the school’s #CareerAdvisor, another is through the school’s #AlumniCommunity. Alumni can support their old high school in many ways, giving their time, experience, scholarships etc. and also through offering work experience placements. Which is precisely what Fairhills High School Knox alumni Danielle Rule, Director at Mountain Gate Eyecare did last month!

Danielle welcomed Year 10 student Elissa P for a fantastic week-long placement learning all about the medical, customer, and business side of running an optician business, before returning to campus on Monday to speak to Year 9 students in an Ourschool ‘Work Experience’ focussed alumni session. She was joined by four Year 10 students who had recently completed their work experience placements, (Elissa P being one), and they shared their experiences with the current Year 9 cohort who will be undertaking their own placements next year.

It was incredibly insightful for the Year 9 students to hear from their peers about their recent placements in Teaching, Retail, Veterinary and Health (Optical), and to also hear from the perspective of a Fairhills alumni business owner who had generously offered a placement.

Thank you so much Danni, for being so kind and providing a Fairhills student an insight into the working world, and for sharing your skills and experience into running your own successful business with us too. Please come back and celebrate with us next year for Fairhills 50 Year Anniversary Celebrations!


Are you a former Fairhills student?

Sally, our Alumni Program Coordinator has been working hard this year developing a wonderful Alumni program for the school, including:

  • Finding and connecting with Fairhills alumni by creating FHS alumni Facebook and LinkedIn groups, (links below).
  • Inviting alumni back to school to inspire students about study and career pathways and encourage them to connect with them via the FHS alumni LinkedIn group.
  • Creating opportunities for Year 10 students by asking FHS alumni if they can provide work experience placements.
  • Inviting alumni to provide support for their old school via sponsoring the school Breakfast Club, Basketball Team or even setting up a student scholarship.

If you are a former student of Fairhills High School, Sally would love to hear from you – please send an email to:

Also, check out our Alumni Facebook






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