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Principal’s Message

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Building relationships

An important way to build relationships with students is to support them with opportunities outside of the classroom environment. A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to go out with the boy’s netball teams to assist them compete against other local schools. All the boy’s teams tried their hardest, supported their team mates and most importantly had fun. I coached the Year 7 & 8 B team and although the team lost more games than won, I saw a sharp improvement in their individual and team skills throughout the day. Personally, the day was fulfilling (despite the rain) and I know the boys appreciated the time I spent supporting them to achieve their full potential on the netball court.


Positive behaviours at school and in the wider community

It is important for students to understand that their behaviour, both inside and outside of school, has an impact on themselves, peers, and the school community. As a school community we need to show respect, consideration, and responsibility in our actions at all times. Here are some expected behaviours of students in public:

1. Respect others

One of the most important behaviours we can exhibit is respect for others. This includes showing respect for other people’s property, opinions, beliefs, and differences. We should also avoid making fun of others or saying hurtful things, as this can be hurtful and damaging.

2. Follow rules

It is important to follow the rules set in place by our school and community. This ensures our safety and helps maintain order in our community. Rules set boundaries for our behaviour and help us understand what is acceptable and what is not.

3. Be responsible

Responsibility means taking ownership of our actions and being accountable for the consequences. It also means taking care of our belongings, being on time, and completing tasks to the best of our ability. We should also be responsible for reporting any suspicious behaviour or unsafe situations we may identify.

4. Show kindness

Kindness is important, both in school and in our daily lives. We can show kindness in simple ways, such as holding the door for someone, saying please and thank you, or smiling at someone who may be having a bad day.

5. Be courteous

Being courteous means showing good manners and consideration for others. An example of this is to use polite language when speaking to others, such as saying “excuse me” or “pardon me” when walking through a crowded area.

6. Contribute positively

We should strive to contribute positively to our community and make a difference in our school and neighbourhood. We can do this by volunteering, participating in community events, or even just picking up litter in our neighbourhood.

It is important that we understand the impact our actions have on others, and work to create a safe and welcoming environment for all. By doing so, we can contribute to a positive and inclusive community for ourselves and those around us.

Keeping our school community well

Symptoms of influenza (flu) can hit very quickly and may last several weeks. Vaccination is the best way to protect yourself and others from getting the flu. Annual influenza vaccination is recommended from mid-April each year and is free under the National Immunisation Program for those at higher risk of complications from the flu.

Parents, carers and students are encouraged to practice prevention measures, including:

  • washing and sanitising hands regularly
  • avoiding touching eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands
  • covering nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing · staying home if unwell and consulting a general practitioner (GP) or Nurse-on-call as required
  • staying up to date with flu and COVID-19 vaccinations.

Flu vaccinations

Flu vaccinations can be booked through GPs and pharmacies, many of which can also provide COVID-19 vaccinations. Flu vaccination is recommended for everyone aged 6 months and over.

Some people are more at risk of complications from flu and are eligible for free vaccination as part of the National Immunisation Program.

COVID-19 booster

The 2023 COVID-19 booster dose is available for everyone aged 18 and above.

Getting your booster dose remains the best way to prevent severe illness or hospitalisation, especially in people aged over 65 and those at higher risk of severe illness.

You can have your booster dose 6 months after your last dose or COVID infection.

Children aged between 5 and 17 years who are at risk of severe illness can also receive a 2023 booster dose. You can get your next dose at your local pharmacy or GP. To find one near you, refer to the vaccine clinic finder.

Find out more
For more information about preventing flu, and immunisation, refer to: · Better Health Channel influenza flu immunisation fact sheet · Getting vaccinated against influenza.


Ian Van Schie



Middle School Report

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In the midst of all that is going on this term, our wonderful Middle School team continue to work tirelessly, supporting our students with their wellbeing, attendance, individual education plans and encouraging engagement through lunchtime clubs such as the newly re-launched Art club, Philosophy Club and the ever popular Dungeons and Dragons on a Friday afternoon.

The Careers Program this term has provided our Middle School students with the opportunity to begin making informed career decisions and equip themselves for the world of work. Years 7 and 8 students have been introduced to the DET Careers Program and Year 9 students the Morrisby Program. A big thank you to our Careers and Pathways Coordinator Elizabeth Rundle for providing our students and staff with the resources to deliver and learn about these programs. We are so lucky to have such an experienced Careers and Pathways Coordinator to assist our Middle School students to develop career action plans for life outside school.

As I write this article, the final preparations are underway for our Year 9’s to go adventuring on a five -day city experience. Students will be introduced to the complexities of team dynamics, deciding in teams how they can work together to undertake and learn from various activities and challenges.

This program allows students to explore and discover connections to the city environment, discover future careers and pathways, looks at Flora and Fauna at the city Zoo and parklands and fosters a sense of social awareness through projects such has homelessness and the environment.

We look forward to seeing lots of photos of their achievements upon their return early next term.
Thank you in advance to Greg Baker and Ying Qin who will facilitate this amazing experience for our Year 9 students.


Silvana La Leggia
Middle School Leader

Ready Steady Cook Year 7 and 8

The Ready Steady Cook class have been working on developing their skills across a wide range of different cooking genres. Most recently they have been baking Choc Cheesecake Brownies and completing a Breakfast Challenge, MasterChef style. A huge range of ingredients were placed out on the bench, and in pairs students created a Breakfast Dish that involved eggs (the only requirement) and had to be plated Cafe style.

Year 7 Maths Newspaper Bridge Challenge

Students used their knowledge of Geometry to build a bridge from newspaper. They designed and worked together as a team to construct the bridges. From the feedback we received, students really enjoyed the hands-on experience in their maths learning.

Year 7 and 8 Art

The Year 7/8 class recently completed some impressive ink paintings in just one lesson. The students were given the task of creating a background with a tonal contrast and an image in the foreground. Despite the limited time frame, the students produced stunning pieces of art that showcased their creativity and skill.


Year 9 and 10 Food Studies

Our Future Foods class ( Year 9 & 10 ) have been working on understanding Food Delivery Services. As well as examining why Food Delivery Services, such as Hello Fresh and Marley Spoon, are the future of home cooking, they’ve cooked two Hello Fresh Dishes.

Our Beautiful Baking class ( Year 9 & 10 ) have been working on savoury baking, and have most recently made Zucchini Slice. Our next focus was Party Planning and Occasional Cakes. To kick start this unit they created a Rainbow Cake (as made known by the Tigga Mac tik tok cake hack), and experienced the trials of cake decorating!

JLTAV Junior Japanese Speech Competition

The Japanese Language Teachers’ Association of Victoria will hold its annual speech competition on Sunday 27 August 2023 at Hawthorn Town Hall.

Students who are interested in participating please see Ms. Winstone to check out the speeches and for details on how to register. Shione our Japanese Language Assistant can help you prepare.

Applications close Friday 4 August 2023



Senior School Report

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We are six weeks into Term 2, and Fairhills students have already been involved in so many opportunities. Opportunities to learn, to grow and experience the amazing world around us. Sporting teams have been tearing up the basketball courts, our senior biology students have attended a photosynthesis masterclass at our second campus (KIOSC) and our Year 12 legal Studies students recently visited the Supreme Court (more about these below).


As mentioned in the previous newsletter, our senior students are getting ready for their mid-year exams. On 25 May, students participated in a practice GAT (General Achievement Test). The students will receive feedback on the section they completed, before sitting the actual GAT on Thursday 15 June. Please see link below for more detailed information on the GAT for you. It is important that all students sitting the GAT prepare thoroughly for this important assessment.

GAT Student Rules

Attitude to School Survey

Over the next few weeks, all students will be providing feedback on their experiences at school via the Department of Education and Training’s Attitude to School Survey. This survey is conducted annually across all government schools. At Fairhills we value student voice as a powerful means to improve student engagement, wellbeing and quality instruction. The data from this survey and the PIVOT survey run by each classroom teacher support us to gain an understanding of our students’ perceptions and experiences.

Learning Walks

Over the last few weeks, members of the Fairhills Senior Leadership Team have participated in Student Learning walks. Learning walks aim to reinforce a shared vision for high-quality teaching and provide support to enable collective responsibility for achieving school-wide priorities. In addition to this:

  • Learning Walks provide an opportunity for observers to see the Fairhills Instructional Model in operation.
  • Learning Walks help provide information on the learning that is taking place in our classes.

I would like to wish all our senior students the very best in their upcoming mid-year exams. Do you best, prepare well, aim high!


Bill Exton
Assistant Principal Senior School

VCE Legal Studies – Supreme Court Visit

On Monday 15 September the Year 11 and Year 12 Legal Studies students were lucky enough to visit the Supreme Court of Victoria – Trial Division.

This is the first year since 2019 students have been able to go inside the court as the program has been online since 2020.

Students were able to sit in a Civil Law Courtroom where they met with Her Honour Judge Andrea Tsalamandris. Students spent an hour with Her Honour Judge Tsalamandris and asked her a variety of excellent questions about her role.

Then students were able to sit in a Criminal Courtroom and witness a trial first hand. This valuable experience allowed students to see many court processes and procedures they have been learning about this year.

Finally, students participated in a tour of the Supreme Court Law Library, which is an impressive historical building. Students were impressed by the architecture of the building and were able to see some amazing books in the library’s collection.

Year 12 Biology

The Year 12 Biology class recently attended a photosynthesis masterclass at KIOSC for a hands-on approach for the area of study: Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis.
Students used Chlorella vulgaris, a species of unicellular algae, trapped within alginate balls to conduct three different experiments. These involved exposure to light or dark, varying the light intensity via distance from a lamp, and varying the temperature. The students produced some really impressive results.
In addition, students made their own yeast alginate balls which they will be using to conduct cellular respiration experiments in the coming weeks.

Year 10 work Experience

The dates for this are fast approaching – June 19 – 23 (last week of term 2).

Work Experience is an invaluable experience for students, even those who already have part time work. Attending the work place for a whole week is very different to doing a 3-4 hour shift.

Congratulations to the many students who have completed the paperwork and are set to go.

Any student who is yet to secure a place needs to make a time to come in a see me in the Pathways office.

Families are reminded that students without work experience will be required at school to complete Virtual Work Experience project.

Normal Year 10 classes will be cancelled. All students will be visited by a staff member during their week of work experience.

If you can provide a work experience opportunity to our students, please contact me;

Liz Rundle

Careers and Pathways

Year 9 Career Insights – Morrisby Profiling

Congratulations to all the year 9 students who completed their Morrisby Profiling and have attended their follow up profile interview.

All students are able to access their report and findings on the website. See below

If you have any trouble accessing the report please contact me and I can ensure that you receive a copy.

Their individual report provides amazing insight; identifying strengths and ambitions. Encouraging students to aim high and raise their expectations, aspiring for excellence.
The report also maps out steps and resources required for the students preferred future.

If your student is yet to have their interview or complete the profiling, don’t worry. We intend on having another round of interviews in term 4.

Army Work Experience Expo – Puckapunyal Military Area – 01 September 2023

The Department of Defence will be opening its gates at the Puckapunyal Military Area on Friday 01 September 2023 and will host an Army Career Expo for all interested students across Victoria.

This event will showcase the variety of careers (full-time and part-time) available.

It will provide students an insight into:

  • Benefits within The Australian Army which is one of the world’s leading military forces
  • A valuable opportunity to have one-on-one discussions with ADF members to discuss their experiences and lifestyle
  • Interaction with Defence Force Recruiting (DFR) team about current job vacancies, salary and benefits, Defence University Sponsorship, Defence Force Academy, GAP Year, STEM opportunities.

I would like to take a small group of interested students to this amazing event.

Any interested students need to contact me before June 10.

Important Dates

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Friday 2 June – Friday 9 JuneYear 11 & 12 Exams
Saturday 3 JuneYear 12 Formal
Monday 5 JuneYear 12 VM Amazing Race
Monday 12 JuneKings Birthday Public Holiday
Tuesday 13 JuneEMR Cross Country
Tuesday 13 June – Wednesday 14 JuneYear 10 exams
Wednesday 14 JuneVET Dance Podcasting Assessment
Thursday 15 JuneThe GAT
Friday 16 JuneReport Writing Day – Student Free Day
Friday 16 JuneSenior Boys and Girls Basketball
Monday 19 June – Friday 23 JuneYear 10 Work Experience
Monday 19 JuneYear 11 & 12 VM Amazing Race
Friday 23 JuneLast day of Term 2


School Tours

To book a School Tour go to:

We look forward to welcoming you and showing you around our great school.

2023 Term Dates

Term 130 January to 6 April 2023
Term 224 April to 23 June 2023
Term 310 July to 15 September 2023
Term 42 October to 20 December 2023


General News

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General Office

The General Office hours are: 8.00am-4.00pm

Telephone: 9758 5022

Parents, contractors, visitors and volunteers should always make contact with the General Office first when visiting the school or requiring to make contact with their child.

Appointments with teachers must be made via telephone or email.

Saver Plus

Saver Plus is a free financial education and matched savings program offered to lower-income families to help them budget and save for education costs. In the 10-month program, participants gain financial knowledge, learn healthy savings habits by saving $50 a month, and have their savings matched up to $500 to be used towards school costs such as uniforms, books, laptops, and sports fees.

At Saver Plus, we pair participants with a savings coach while they budget and save over the next 10 months. Participants attend online Zoom workshops to learn tips, tricks, and information to grow their budgeting and savings skills. Once they reach their agreed savings goal, their savings are matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $500. Participants can use that money towards education costs such as uniforms, textbooks, laptops, or extra-curricular activities such as sport or music.


You could be eligible to join Saver Plus if you:

  • Be 18 years or over
  • Be a parent or guardian of a student attending school, or be attending or returning to vocational training yourself
  • Have a current Health Care card or Pensioner Concession card
  • Have some form of income, for example, yourself or your partner may have casual, part-time, full-time, seasonal, or cash-in-hand employment
  • Be in receipt of an eligible Commonwealth social security benefit, allowance, or payment

    * Many types of income and Centrelink payments are eligible

Click on the links below for more information:

Berry Street Flyer

Berry Street Letter for Parents


Compass is the communication portal for Fairhills –

Parents/carers are provided with log in details. For any questions or trouble logging in please contact the office. Using Compass allows parents/carers to have access to up-to-date information and the following features:

  • Monitor attendance, and enter an explanation for absence or lateness
  • Communicate with teachers
  • Update contact details
  • View their child’s timetable and the school calendar
  • Monitor homework and assessment tasks
  • Download and view semester reports
  • Book parent-teacher-student interviews each semester
  • Pay and provide consent for events and school contributions

Compass Events / Payment Centre / Course Confirmation

Please check Events regularly as these need to be consented/paid by the due date for your child to attend.  Any students without consent/payment after this date will be removed from the event and will not be able to attend.

Also check out the Payment Centre and Course Confirmation sections.

Click here for the Compass Parent Guide

Student Absences

If your child will be absent or late due to illness or for any other reason, parents/guardians are able to:

  • Mark their absence on Compass / or
  • Send an email to the school: / or
  • Phone the absence hotline on 9758 5022. Leave a message after the prompt. The absence hotline is operational 24hrs a day, 7 days a week for your convenience.

Student’s arriving to school late should report to the General Office to receive a late pass.

If a student is required to leave school early for any reason they should bring a note from their parent/guardian and record this on Compass. All students are required to sign out from the General Office.  If they need to call home, they should come to the office.  Students should not use their mobiles.


If your child has COVID, please ring or email the school so we can record their absence accordingly.

Students who are family close contacts, must wear a mask whilst indoors and onsite and test regularly.  If you require RAT tests, please contact the General Office.

Asthma / Diabetes / Anaphylaxis / Epilepsy

ASTHMA, DIABETES, ANAPHYLAXIS, EPILEPSY or an ALLERGY management plans are required to be updated and submitted to the school every 12 months. Please ensure you have provided this to the office in the best interest of your child.

If you require any assistance, do not hesitate to contact the office on 03 9758 5022.

Parent Carpark – pick up and drop off

If you drop/pick up your children please ensure you:

  • use the Parent Car Park – not the staff/guest car park, except for those with a disability parking permit
  • pull into a parent parking spot to let your child out/pick them up
  • when exiting turn left onto Scoresby road (as per the sign)

Uniform Shop

The purchase of School Uniforms are now through Dandy Schoolwear in Dandenong.

Dandy Schoolwear

Factory 8, 169 Cheltenham Road, Dandenong
(03) 9792 0424

Monday to Friday – 9:00am to 5:00pm
Saturday – 9:30am to 2:00pm

Click here for the Uniform details and  Price List

Click here for the 2023 Fairhills High School Student Dress Code

Sustainable School Shop

Looking to buy or sell second hand books or uniforms?  Visit: 

You can also find the following items:

  • Calculators
  • Sporting items
  • Musical items
  • Electronics & DVD’s
  • Stationery

2023 Bell Times

Two different bell times run during the week:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Tuesday and Thursday (includes House Group)



Period 18:40am – 9:39am8:40am – 9:39am
Period 29:39am – 10:38am9:39am – 10:38am
Recess10:38am – 10:58am10:38am – 10:58am
Period 310:58am – 11:57am10:58am – 11:57am
Period 411:57am – 12:56pm11:57am – 12:56pm
Lunch12:56pm – 1:36pm12:56pm – 1:36pm
HomegroupN/A1:36pm – 1:49pm
Period 51:36pm – 2:35pm1:49pm – 2:48pm


2023 Team Leaders

Year LevelStaff Leaders
Sarah Power
8Sarah Power
9Greg Baker
10Tony Hitchman
11Leanne Henderson
12Julian Stokes



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Acknowledging Positive Behaviour

This week we celebrate the launch of the long awaited School-Wide Positive behaviour (SWPB) rewards shop. Students can exchange well earnt SWPB points for items such as treats, vouchers, fidgets and stationary as a reward for their positive behaviours.

Recognising students for following rules, demonstrating school values , following directions, participating, etc, is one of the most effective tools for managing, promoting, and correcting undesired behaviours and improving student engagement. Children respond far much better typically to positive reinforcement then negative. Numerous studies continue to support and validate this social dynamic.

Providing rewards and positive affirmations for the big and very small things students do correctly, when students are exhibiting appropriate behaviours, following rules, are on task, using materials properly, utilizing their time well, are organized and prepared, do something nice for another, pay attention, and as frequently as possible provides many benefits including:

  • increased respectful and positive behaviour.
  • increased time focused on instruction.
  • improved social-emotional wellbeing.
  • positive and respectful relationships among students and staff.

And most importantly positive rewards improved student engagement!!!

A very big thank you to our Student Amplify Leaders Emma O’Connor and Kristy Burrell for all their efforts.

Student Voice and House Points

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Asylum-Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) food drive – Term 2

During Term 2 (24 April – 23 June) will we once again be running our annual food drive for the Asylum-Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) – ASRC Foodbank

The ASRC is a charitable organisation which provides food, language education, legal and other advocacy services for those who are seeking asylum in Australia, most of whom are not entitled to government assistance.

While the ASRC appreciates any (non-perishable food, laundry, toiletry) item that you can spare, a list of most-needed items appears at the bottom of this post.
Labelled collection boxes will be kept in the foyer of the main office, and donors are asked to attach a house colour sticker (which will be kept next to the boxes) to the item(s) as it is/they are donated.

Houses score a point for each item donated which will go towards overall house points and rewards (e.g. the end-of-term BBQ) for members of the ‘winning’ house.

Most-needed items:
☑️Tuna in oil 400g
☑️Olive oil (750mL – 1L)
☑️Raw unsalted nuts almonds, walnuts, cashews
☑️Honey small bottles
☑️Dried fruit apricots, dates
☑️Spices small packs cumin, turmeric, chilli, garam masala, curry powder
☑️Tomato paste
☑️Toothbrushes and toothpaste
☑️Laundry power max 1kg

A big thank you to those members of our community who donated items this week.

Thank you to everyone who donated to the food drive in Week 5.

It was another strong week for Red House (23 items), and Blue House (8 items) and Green House (7 items) also made contributions. Unfortunatey there were no items donated by Yellow House this week. Come on Yellow House; you’re being left behind.

The running totals at the end of Week #5 are as follows:Red House: 170 items
Blue House: 64 items
Green House 55 items
Yellow House: 23 itemsThis is a total of 312 items so far. Remember that our target is 650 items for the term. We are almost halfway there with a little less than half of the term to go.

Thanks again to all those who contributed to the food drive this week.

SWPB (House Points) Shop is open to everyone this week.

The SWPB Shop or House Points Shop is open Tuesday mornings only with a possible lunchtime or after school time depending on requests.

The location for the ‘shop’ is M08 and will be in the morning (before school) from 8am.
Mrs O’Connor will be in the shop to hand out items and once you have used points to get something, a new tally will appear on Compass showing how many points you have used in the shop.

We have a new item available – A Laptop/other Animal Sticker in assorted designs, as well as an updated ‘price’ list attached. We are still reviewing this so some items have been discounted after reviewing the first week of ‘sale.’
See the attachment for more details.

Once students start to ‘buy’ items with their points some items will become unavailable. This will be shown in the Middle School Hallway with posters and pictures updated weekly to show what is still available and when new items become available.

Remember that this is just the Term 2 items available so far. New items will become available for Term 3 and then again for Term 4 so it is also a good idea to save your points and wait to see what comes later that you might like more.

Don’t forget raffle tickets are available for Big Ticket Items and this will be updated with some items raffled at the end of Term and other items still to come for the end of the year.

Instrumental Music

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NEVR Youth Concert: Fire and Rain

Congratulations to our students who participated in the NEVR Youth Concert: Fire and Rain on 29 May!

Seven of our dedicated vocal students performed two songs as part of the mass Secondary School Choir, under the direction of Dr Lisa Young, as part of the annual NEVR concert at Hamer Hall!

After two full days of rehearsal, our singers learnt challenging pieces that extended their musicianship and performance skills. They made new friends, wonderful memories and are already looking forward to next year’s concert. Well done to: Ella, Audrey, Chloe, Stephanie, Kiara, Maddison and Adaya.

Along with the voice students, Abby (Flute) and Isabelle (Trumpet) performed in the 90-piece concert band. A wonderful achievement while seizing the opportunity to really improve playing skills and develop performance skills.

Sports / PE

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Division Cross Country

The Annual Knox Secondary Cross Country Division Competition saw five students from Fairhills participate with great enthusiasm. Their hard work and dedication has paid off with three students qualifing for the next round. Well done to Zaydah (4th), Miles (8th), Harrison (4th), Nate (17th) and Lachy (19th). Great effort!!
The next race is Eastern Zone at a time and venue to be confirmed.

Senior Boys Soccer

The senior boys had the opportunity to play a soccer round robin few weeks ago. The boys gave it their all amongst the wet conditions but unfortunately did not win.

Senior Girls Netball

The senior girls played a netball competition and came way with one win and a couple of losses. The girls tried really hard and had a great day.

Senior Victorian College Championships

The senior boys’ and girls’ basketball teams got the opportunity to play in the Victorian College Championships. The boys team lost their first match by 6 points, but then went on to win the rest of round matches. Unfortunately, due to the first loss the boys just missed out on finals. The girls team won their first match of the day and then lost their other two matches by less than 10 points. Due to those losses the girls also just missed out on the finals. Overall, both teams had a great day, tried their best and ultimately all improved individually and as a team. Well done!

All Boys Netball

Boys from year 7-12 had the opportunity to participate in a netball competition a coupe of weeks ago. The senior boys (years 11-12) won one game but unfortunately lost the rest of their games and just missed out on finals. Fairhills had two Intermediate teams (year 9-10) and drew with each other on the first game of the day but unfortunately as day proceeded both teams just missed out on finals. Fairhills also had two Junior teams (years 7-8). The second team had a great day participating however unfortunately missed out on finals. The first team won their first 2 games but then lost their third game. The boys finished second in their pool which meant that they made finals. The boys won their semi final but unfortunately lost the grand final. All the boys gave their all and tried their best.

Intermediate Victorian College Championships

The intermediate boys basketball team had the opportunity to play at the Victorian College Championships. The boys won their first game by 20 points, but unfortunately lost their next few matches by less 10 points. As a result, the team just missed out on finals. All the boys tried their best ad improved as the games went on.

Intermediate Girls Netball

The intermediate girl’s netball team went out last week to play in a round robin. The girls won a couple of their matches which meant that they made it to the finals. The girls made it to the 3rd position final match but unfortunately just lost by 2 points which Fairhills finished 4th. Great job girls.

Junior 3×3 Basketball

Two weeks ago, Fairhills took two boys and one girls’ team to the 3×3 qualifying day schools cup basketball tournament. The first boys team won their first two matches and then lost the third. They then went onto the finals where they finished 5th which meant that the team goes through the next round in term 3. The second boys team won the first game, but then lost the rest of their matchups which meant that they unfortunately did not make finals. The girls 3×3 team, had very similar outing to the first boys’ team where they won their first two matches and then lost the third. They then also went onto the finals where they finished 5th which meant that the team goes through the next round in term 3. Congratulations to Cooper, Liam, Bill and Jarryd from the boys team and to Claire, Adaya, Olivia and Maddie for making it to the next round.

Intermediate 3×3 Basketball

Last Friday, Fairhills took two boys’ teams to the 3×3 qualifying day schools cup basketball tournament. The first boys’ team, won their first three matches which meant they finished on top of their pool and went into finals. They then just lost their first final, however did win the next final which meant that they finished 5th and would progress to the next round in term 3. The second boys team unfortunately were unable to get a win but however had a fun day. Congratulations to Nate, Tom, Will and Boyd for making it to the next round.

Resource Learning Hub

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2023 Student ID cards

By now, all 2023 Student ID cards have been distributed to students. If you have been away or not received a card, please see Ms Kirby in the Library.

Please ensure your Student card is kept in a safe place – there is a fee to have another one produced. The Student cards can be used to verify your age with the Public Transport Victoria (PTV) and at other venues which accept student concessions like Cinemas and some Restaurants. Your ID card is also your School Library Card and can be configured to allow ‘quick tap on’ access to the Library Photocopier. Please come to the Library at lunchtime and Library Staff can help you activate your cards to allow quick printing/photocopying.


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Term 2 seems to be passing by in a flash! In the last couple of weeks we have welcomed two new counselling interns to the Wellbeing team- Anita and Callum. They will be with us until the end of Term 4 on their counselling placements. They are both super approachable and skilled and we are really excited to have them with us. We have had our first two whole school campaigns – IDAHOBIT and National Sorry Day- check out some photos below.


Our first whole school awareness/education campaign for the year was IDAHOBIT on Thursday 18 May. IDAHOBIT (International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia, and Transphobia) is about promoting inclusive, safe and respectful attitudes and environments for people of all sexualities and genders. Fairhills prides itself on being a safe place for all students. This year we celebrated the event with crazy socks and hair day, photo booth, and free stickers.

National Sorry Day & Reconciliation Week

May 26th was National Sorry Day. Mariani, our Mental Health Practitioner has been liaising with our Koori Education Support Officer to design and install a permanent historical timeline panel of the Stolen Generations and the National Story Day. This panel will be showcased at the Library Courtyard and is expected to launch on Thursday, 1 June during the Reconciliation Week.

All schools are now mandated to have a Marrung Lead- which is the nominated voice and advocate for indigenous students, families and issues within the school community. As part of my role as Student Wellbeing Coordinator, I am also our nominated Marrung Lead and I welcome any of our Koori families to make contact with me if there is anything the school can do to further support the learning needs of your young person.

Bridge Builders Retreat

Again this year we are lucky to be able to nominate 5 students, who are female or identify as female, aged 13-15 years to attend the Bridge Builders Retreat, run by external community group, Bridge Builders. The camp provides a safe, nurturing and empowering experience for young women to connect, explore positive identity and feel supported. We will be hosting an information session on Tuesday 6 June at lunchtime for any interested students. If you or your daughter are interested in being nominated for the Retreat, please speak to your Year Level Team Leader for more information.

Please see information below for accessing wellbeing support and check out some local and online supports for families and young.

Peta Cartwright | Student Wellbeing Coordinator

The Team

Student Wellbeing Coordinator – Peta Cartwright/ Social Worker (3 days per week – Mon (Wk2), Tues Thurs, Fri)

School Chaplain – Gail Ackroyd/ Counsellor (2 days per week – Mon/Tues)

Mental Health Practitioner- Mariani Lim (2 days per week- Thurs/Fri (Wk1), Tues/Fri (Wk 2))

Counsellor -Kerrie (1 day per week- Mon)

Counsellor- Eliza (1 day per week- Thurs)

Counselling Intern – Sarah (2 days per week – Tues, Fri)

Counselling Interns- Callum (2 days per week- Tues, Fri) and Anita (2 days per week- Tues, Thurs)

Local and Online Services and Supports for Families and Young People

Accessing support through Wellbeing: Students

The Wellbeing Team can support students to navigate challenges that may be impacting on their ability to engage in learning or general feelings of wellbeing. This can include: transitions and adjusting to change, family or relationship difficulties, grief and loss, mental health concerns, drug and alcohol concerns, and many other challenges that young people encounter.

An initial appointment with a member of the wellbeing team will be an assessment of need with the student or family which will help to decide the best support option for the student. Support options available through the Wellbeing Team are:

  • Individual short term counselling, psychoeducation and skills development
  • group programs
  • referrals to external support agencies.
  • students may also be encouraged to access self-help strategies or resources.

Referrals to see someone from the team are made through year level leaders. Parents, students or teachers with concerns are encouraged to speak to their year level leader. Students or parents can also make an appointment directly with someone from the Wellbeing Team by attending the Wellbeing Centre, calling the school office or contacting us via email at

Year level leaders who are made aware of concerns by a teacher will always endeavour to make contact with parents before referring a student to the Wellbeing team.

All counselling sessions with students are confidential and information is only shared if a student is deemed to be at risk of harm.

If you or anyone you know needs immediate support, please contact kidshelpline or lifeline on the numbers at the bottom of this page.

What’s on in Wellbeing?

The Wellbeing Centre is open at recess and lunchtime for students who need a quiet, safe place to regulate or access support. The centre is also used for lunchtime group programs which are advertised through compass or on notice boards.

Q-Squad, our LBGTQIA+ group runs every Thursday lunchtime.

More groups to come!

Accessing Support: Families

Most families, at some stage, need a little extra support to manage the normal challenges of life as well as the more difficult situations that arise. If you are experiencing hardship, stress or circumstances that are impacting on the wellbeing of your family life or your ability to cope, the Wellbeing Team can help to connect you with community services that can provide support. Please contact the Wellbeing Team via the school phone number or via email at

Breakfast Club

With the support of volunteers from local churches- Knox Baptist and Hillsong Church we are able to provide a breakfast club 5 days a week for our students, including a Pancake Breakfast every Thursday morning. All students are welcome.

Breakfast Club before school – Wednesday and Friday before School in A03

Breakfast Club Recess – Monday and Tuesday at Recess in A03

Breakfast Club Pancakes – Thursdays before school in A03

Tasty Truck Sandwiches – Everyday in the canteen courtyard at recess.

Food Support for families in need

Each fortnight on a Tuesday after school from 2:48pm – 3:08pm we have food support available for families who may be in need, for whatever reason. We have a selection of frozen meals and pantry items that families can collect from the former school canteen area without question or judgement. We know that access to food can be a real challenge for some families and we feel strongly about supporting the basic needs of our students and families. Watch out for compass posts each fortnight.

External Food Support Options





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Due to the numbers, we can no longer perform in Wakakirri. We needed a cast of 20 or more and due to a large number of drop outs, we are forced to pull out. This saddens me, as Fairhills takes pride in performing arts. I will be running a dance club after school on a Tuesday in replace of Wakakirri. We can create not only dances, but theatre pieces and explore the performing arts. This is optional. If students want to attend they can turn up after school. Lets keep the arts alive.
I am planning on organising some performance opportunities for those who to continue to come to dance club (I might even think of a cool name). Dance club has no costs.

Contact Ms Power in Middle School office if you are interested in attending our dance club after school on a Tuesday 3-4pm in the GYM.

State School Spectacular

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State School Spectacular

Fairhills is thrilled to be a part of the Victorian State Schools Spectacular once again. The event showcases the talents of over 3000 students from across Victoria and will be performed at John Cain Arena on Saturday 9 September. Show times are 1pm and 6:30pm. Tickets will be on sale through Ticketek at 11am on Wednesday 7 June.

Japanese Cultural Exchange

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Host Families for Japanese Students Needed Urgently!

We are still in urgent need of host families for Japanese students. The students will visit from Sunday 30 July to Saturday 12 August. They will go to classes with their host student and participate in a number of excursions. Host students will have the opportunity to participate in a couple of excursions (dates to be confirmed)

There will be a payment of $658 per student to provide 3 meals a day and any transport to and from school.

All members of the host family 18 and above need to have a Working With Children Check. A copy needs to be provided to the office. If you don’t have a Working With Children Check you can apply for one here. Please apply as a volunteer in which case there is no fee.

The students range in age from 13 to 17. You don’t have to be studying Japanese to host. It’s a great opportunity to make a new friend and learn about cool Japanese culture.

KSKK is the organisation we have organised our school trips to Japan through, so who knows; in the future maybe you can travel to Japan and meet the student you hosted!

Please contact Jessica Winstone the Languages Leader for more details and a hosting application form.

It seems a long way off, but host family arrangements need to be organised now so that we can organise excursions and confirm we have enough host families. So please return forms asap.

This is what it’s like to host a Japanese student.

You make friends.

You enjoy activities together.

You learn a lot.

So think about hosting next term.



Fairhills High School Alumni

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Year 10 Career pathway Speed Networking Session

As if this year wasn’t big enough already with a 50th anniversary to celebrate, it was a genuine pleasure to welcome back eight Fairhills High School alumni for the 2023 Fairhills High School Knoxfield Year 10 career pathway speed networking session!

The annual event is specifically designed to help Year 10 students, all on the cusp of course selection, gain an insight into as many different careers as possible through the generous help of former students.

In a fun, two-part session, current students had the opportunity to hear from former students from many different professions / career pathways spanning; Clinical Nursing Specialist, Digital Coordinator at Ronald McDonald House Charities, e-commerce business owner, Lawyer in corporate law firm, Building company owner, Furniture industry business owner and Train Driver for Metro Trains & AFL Super Coach Insider Podcaster!

Each alum addressed the year 10 cohort, giving their name, year they left Fairhills and a brief overview of their career pathway to present day. After hearing from each alum, students split into small working groups and spent ten minutes chatting to each alum. They completed a worksheet with questions about each profession, finding out important pathway and profession facts and information. When the bell rang, each group moved clockwise to the next alum to learn about another profession!

With alum’s ‘Then & Now’ posters and large images of each of their profession on their individual desks, students quickly grasped two key facts: Rarely are any two career pathways ever the same, and irrespective of past norms, nowadays career pathways are rarely ‘linear’ in their progression.

The Year 10s gained exposure to diverse and inspiring alumni, insightful career pathway information, and brilliant life-advice too. Some memorable quotes from the afternoon were:

• “It’s not what happens to you in life, it’s what you do about it” Ben Stallworthy, Class of ’03.

• “The secret to confidence is knowing your self-worth” Adam Sherwell, Class of ’80.

• “When you make a mistake, there are only three things you should ever do about it: admit it, learn from it, and don’t repeat it. Dave Swierzbiolek, Class of ’02.

We are so grateful to all the returning alums for being such fantastic role models. Not only did the students clearly enjoy themselves, (not wanting the session to end!), but they also took away the important knowledge that when they leave high school, there is a growing, highly engaged Fairhills alumni network waiting to connect and support them in the adult working world. Thank you to all the participating alumni for giving back to your old high school and directly supporting current students, and strengthening the wider school community with such positive energy – we look forward to seeing you all at the #Fairhills50thanniversary later this year!


Save The Date – Fairhills is 50!

In 2023, Fairhills High School Knoxfield celebrates 50 years of history-making, a significant achievement for any school or organization.

Our 50th anniversary will be a memory to hold for all current and former students, staff, parents, and the community. As an amazing school, we want to share our experiences of the last 50 years and look back to see how the school has changed from 1973 to now, 2023, and see just how far it has come.

Across Friday 6 and Saturday 7 October, Fairhills High School Knox is delighted to play host, and invite you to join us celebrating the people, the stories, and the growth of the school over the last half-century and looking ahead to the next 50 years…

Planning is underway on a terrific line-up of exciting events and activities across the two days for all members of the Fairhills High School family- and we hope that all our staff, students, parents and community members – both past and present – will be able to join us in celebrating our fantastic school!

The future is bright for Fairhills, be part of it!




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