Every year we try to improve upon the previous one. In particular, we felt that both parents and students needed to hear the information from the IT department so that the netbooks could be used more effectively this year. We also saw it as a terrific opportunity to invite parents to listen to a parenting expert.

The entire Year 7 parent community was invited to attend an information evening with a twofold purpose. The first part of the evening provided both parents and students the background information needed for the successful implementation of the Netbook program at Fairhills. In the second part of the evening the parents were treated to an informative yet entertaining talk from well-known parenting expert Michael Grose.

The key messages for the successful use of the netbooks are:


Treat them with respect as they are fragile and can break easily


Charge them overnight so that they can last the whole school day


Too many games, movies and music can slow it down considerably


Do not give your password to anybody


If the laptop needs to be repaired the desktop may need to be wiped and re-imaged. So it is useful to back up all your files on an external drive.

Maximise your child’s learning opportunities by ensuring they have:


sufficient sleep (on average 8-9 hours per night)


eat properly


exercise regularly


a proper study environment


drink plenty of water (avoid the 'energy' drinks)

The students then left to collect their laptops. The parents were then fortunate to hear a presentation by Michael Grose on parenting. Michael Grose is an author of 8 parenting books and his popular parenting columns appear in newspapers and magazines across Australia. He’s the current Channel 9 Today Show parenting expert and has a regular fortnightly half hour parenting segment on ABC radio Victoria. So Michael is widely respected as a parenting expert. He provided a valuable insight into the problems a young person faces as they enter high school and adolescence. He also provided ideas and strategies for parenting these young people more effectively. He provided many anecdotal stories to add humour to the presentation.

His key messages are:

Support the school and give then the benefit of the doubt regarding decisions they make.

If they have a sports day, then support the school by ensuring you send them.

A 'firm & warm' approach to discipline.

Avoid just telling your child what to do.

Kids need definite, realistic boundaries no matter how much angst it causes

A parent should not be a 'peerant'

Thank you to all the staff, parents and students who attended the evening. Also thank you to the Year 7 students who bravely addressed the audience and spoke of their first impressions at Fairhills.

We hope that the information provided was valuable. Always feel free to contact us regarding any matters that you feel will impact on the progress of your child at school.

Asha Vazirani, Gary Prasad & Stewart MacCartney

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