What is the STEAM Academy?

Fairhills High School has a rich Science, Technology & Mathematics curriculum which all students experience. We offer a broad range of interesting subjects and programs that are tailored to enhance and support the national curriculum’s science and maths syllabuses through practical application and experimentation.


It is further enhanced by the STEAM Academy giving students additional, indepth opportunities to be involved in STEAM activities.


Fairhills places a high emphasis on learning concepts through hands on experimentation, where our science and technology classes are rich in practical experiences with students learning concepts whilst gaining valuable skills.

Classes regularly use the state of the art facilities at our second campus at KIOSC (Knox Innovation, Opportunity, and Sustainability Centre) sharing with the other Knox Secondary Schools an $11M state-of-the-art Technology Training Complex in the grounds of Swinburne University in Wantirna. Cutting edge technologies such as Robotics, 3D Design & Printing, Virtual Reality Occulist experiences and the latest of laboratory equipment are used. Many of our senior students also undertake vocational training in Laboratory Skills and other technology subjects.
Emerging new science subjects such as Frontiers of Physics, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, and Mathematical Logix2Magic are offered in a virtual classroom setting in collaboration with John Monash Science School and Monash University.
Students are provided with details of many competitions and events including the Univeristy of New South Wales Mathematics, Science & Information Technology competitions, The Australian Video Game Challenge, Codebreakers, F1 Racing in Schools, Subs in schools, the Solar Car Challenge, the DaVinci Challenge, Science Olympiad and many others. Students are passionately encouraged to participate in any event in which they are interested.


Developing students interests in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Fairhills has a strong focus on the STEM fields. Based on a rich Science & mathematics curriculum which all students have a chance to participate in the STEM academy is a further education in areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This is offered through both core and electives build on and expand the core curriculum in a project focused and entertaining format.


Fairhills places a high emphasis on learning concepts through hands on experimentation and with our partners at KIOSK (Knox Innovation, Opportunity and Sustainability Centre) students who join the STEM academy can look forward to going beyond the basic curriculum to look at what is an interest to them.

Who can join the Academy?

The STEM Academy is for students interested in Science and Technology and/or those thinking about a career in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics. Enrolments into the academy are accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the year through an application process.

We try to accept all students who have a genuine passion in STEM. Students that are enrolled for an ongoing period will get recognition for their service. Students who are passionate and interested in any aspect of STEM are encouraged to apply.

Who runs the Academy?

The STEM Academy is run by the director of the academy, Gregory Baker, a passionate teacher with experience with STEM fields and a drive to make the academy as effective and engaging as it can be. To achieve best results Mr. Baker will be collaborating with the Science, Mathematics & Technology faculties to ensure students have access to the very best available to the school.

Some things students can look forward to from the STEM Academy

All Year 7 Students will be able to have a taste of Engineering with an elective focused on Programming and Robotics which can be continued if desired in ongoing years.


STEM Academy Workshops will focus on Projects that the students can work together in Cross-Curricular groups from year 7 to year 10.


After school robotics classes held at KIOSK


Excursions & Incursion to look at STEM innovators


Assisting with Primary School demonstrations

Subjects Linked to Academy:

Year 7-10 Science

Year 7-10 Mathmatics

Engineering Elective 7-8

VCE Sciences (Biology, Psychology, Physics & Chemistry)

VCE  Mathmatics (Further & Methods)

Future Aspirations:

Goals for the Academy of 2021:

Incursion/Excursions once a term for interested students from various levels ie. Drone flying, STEM Industries, ect.

School Science Fair

Interschool Competitions

Demonstration of Stem skills at Primary schools

Ongoing Goals:

STEM Academy Camp

Area Science Fair

Interschool Program

House based STEM competition

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