Creating opportunities for all students in a wide range of Performance Skill areas

Offering a diverse range of subjects within the Music, Dance and Drama streams, our students start their Performing Arts courses in Year 7 and can go all the way through to VCE if they desire.
Each year our students undertake a massive variety of different topics, subjects and unique experiences that make their time within the Performing Arts faculty all the more fun! At Year 7 level, our aim is to provide a ‘taster’ of all of the different streams of the Performing Arts.

For over a decade, Fairhills consistently performed at the highest level in the Rock Eisteddfod winning a first place in the highest division five times. We have now transferred this expertise and commitment into our annual Musical Production.

Each year Fairhills presents a range of performances including semester concerts, primary school visits, a Performing Arts Festival, a Solo Performance Drama evening and Dance Fair (interschool Dance competiton) to encourage student participation and develop their performing talents.


Each and every student within the school has the opportunity to be a part of the annual School Musical.

Our Performing Arts Academy encourages students to hone in all 3 areas, Music, Dance and Drama. They will experience a number of workshops – incursions and excursions with in the academy to further develop their skills and knowledge. We are of the belief that everyone can be involved within the Performing Arts. Everyone can succeed!

Subjects linked to Academy:

Students participate in a number of subjects which are linked to the Academy. Our students perform in numerous performance events. Students in all areas undertake intensive workshops with professional instructors. Within our music program cater to all instruments within our Private Instrumental Program.

Our VCE students create and perform a range of performances with in different genres, themes and styles.

Co-Curricular Activities:

Music Production

Lunchtime Dance Club

Fairhills ‘DanceFair’ interschool competition

Semester Showcases linked to Academy class and subject related tasks.

NEVR Concert

Lunchtime Music ‘Concerts in the Courtyard’

Lunchtime Drama Club

Our Music students are always the main entertainment of any school function. They have performed during lunchtime in the courtyard, awards nights and our annual Valedictory dinner to celebrate our graduating year 12’s.


The new introduction to the lunchtime clubs will help expand the students with their dance and drama fields and helps build those key relationships and feeling of inclusion.

Future Aspirations:

  • Incursions/excursions once a term for interested students from various levels – for example – Clowning, Stage combat, Dance Workshops, Recording Studio, African Drumming, the list would be endless.

  • End of Semester Showcases

  • ‘On-the-road Showcase’ presentations to local primary schools

  • One-act play – link to house competition


Our Dance students learn, create and perform a massive array of different stylistic pieces, from Contemporary, Jazz and Funk, through to New Vogue, Ballroom and Tap Dancing!


Each year our students participate in the DanceFair Dance Competition, Dance Showcases and a range of various performance events that represent the school. Throughout the year, workshops are undertaken at professional providers such as Ministry of Dance, Dance Factory and The Space – relationships are built with local choreographers. Our students are always exposed to loads of professional dance performances, and many of our students even have the privilege of dancing with the professionals!


Our annual school musical has been a success for a number of years. We have had a huge success with The Addams Family (2016), Anything Goes (2017), Chicago (2018) and most recently the drama teachers wrote and directed Mayhem The Musical (2019). We have packed audiences, live bands and exceptional talent. The school community becomes involved and it’s always a great show!


2021 will bring Seussical the Musical to the stage! Be sure to look out for details in 2021.







Who can join the Academy?

Sarah Power has been teaching at Fairhills High School for last 5 years. Sarah has extensive training in Musical Theatre. She has been a dancer for 31 years, a singer for 22 years and an actor since she could talk. You could say she is a triple threat!

Who runs the Academy?

Students that are interested in the Performing Arts Academy can apply through an application process. Everyone is accepted within the Academy as we encourage growth, passion and development of skills. On acceptance, a participation badge will be given those students who are involved in multiple academy activities.

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