The complete Science curriculum at Fairhills is delivered both on site at school and at KIOSC.

Year 7

Year 7 students are introduced to science in a very hands on curriculum.  Topics studies at Year 7 include states of Matter, the Senses, Energy & Classification.  To complement their studies of classification, students may partake in an excursion to the Royal Melbourne Zoo.

Year 8

The Year 8 curriculum includes studies in Chemistry, Human Biology, Ecology, Geology and Energy & Robotics.

Year 9

The Year 9 science curriculum focuses on 4 main topics including Chemistry, Disease, Forensics and Dynamic Earth.  The chemistry unit extends upon concepts that students have developed in Years 7 and 8 and is an excellent prelude to students wanting to continue the chemistry stream into Year 10.  The disease unit provides an opportunity for students to discus disease's that they have encountered throughout their childhood as well as more recent pandemics such as bird and swine flu.  The investigations are not confined to humans . The forensic unit provides an introduction to many of the concepts seen by most students on commercial television.  The students learn how to take finger prints, teeth, feet and other plaster moulds used to help solve crimes and mysteries.  A visit to KIOSC allows the students to put their skills together to solve a major crime.  The dynamic earth unit traces the history of Australia from when it was once part of a supercontinent to present day.  An understanding of continental drift helps the students understand why Australia has such unique flora and fauna.  The unit looks at dramatic examples of plate movement resulting in earthquakes, tsunamis and mountain formation.

Year 10

Students are able to choose from the science electives:

  • General Science
  • Biology/Psychology
  • Physics/Chemistry
    The aim of these courses is to give students wishing to pursue these subjects in VCE a taste of the content to be covered and introduction to some key concepts. 


The VCE science subjects offered at Fairhills include Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology.  Students have the opportunity to participate in rich learning activities off campus.  The biology students always enjoy their visit to GTAC (Gene Technology Access Centre), and Healesville Sanctuary. 


Students are able to participate in the 'University of New South Wales International Science Competition'.  Each student receives a certificate in recognition of their efforts from participation to high distinction.


Every year the Fairhills' Open Night provides the school and in particular science, the chance to showcase the exciting activities science has to offer - a fantastic snap shot of science at Fairhills.