'Learning to think not just to repeat!'

 Subjects Offered

Year 7    Mainstream Maths              Enhanced Maths                  SEAL Maths

Year 8    Mainstream Maths              Enhanced Maths                  SEAL Maths

Year 9    Mainstream Maths

Year 10  Mainstream Recovery        Mainstream Maths               Enhanced Maths

Year 11  General Maths (Further)    General Maths (Methods)    Maths Methods

Year 12  Further Maths                     Maths Methods                    Specialist Maths

Maths Department Initiatives

The Maths Department by the undertaking of a number of initiatives to further improve student outcomes and engagement in their learning.

In addition to our on-going course development four of our major priorities for this year are:

1. The further integration of technology into the classroom

This year we have teams of teachers working on:

  • The development of strategies and resources to make use of the electronic whiteboards that are being progressively installed in G Block.
  • The development of activities to make use of the 2 trolleys of new laptops that have just been purchased for G Block.  This year students will be undertaking a number of new in-class and on-line activities including: on-line testing, the use of new software packages (eg. Sketchpad) and activities posted on the internet so that student can work on tasks at home and email them to their teacher.

2. The development of an integrated problem solving program at Year 7

Researchers have found that the use of problem solving exercises, where students explore a problem rather than just repeat a procedure, are a very valuable part of the Maths curriculum.  These types of tasks not only engage and challenge students, but also provide real life cases studies that justify the study of areas such as algebra.  Last year Mr James was granted Professional Study Leave to develop an integrated problem solving program for Year 8 and Year 10.  The success of this project has prompted the department to implement a similar undertaking at other levels in the curriculum, in particular Year 7.

3. Personalising Learning for our Junior School students

This year the faculty will be trialling a number of initiatives that give students more opportunity to participate in their learning, in particular giving them choices with respect to the activities and level of the Maths that they undertake.  Research has shown that the more we can make students feel that they are part of their learning, the more engaged they will become in their studies.

4. The trialling of the Mathletics Online Learning program

This year the Maths department has purchased an annual licence for the Mathletics Maths package that operates via the internet.  This program can be used both in class and at home to reinforce current topics or to catch up on past work.

WestPac Maths Competition

This year Fairhills High School students will again have the opportunity to be a part of the 400,000 Australian students undertaking the WestPac Australian Maths competition.  Participation is optional for students from Year 7 to 12, competition forms will be available the Maths department.